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Prevent cheating with AI-based proctoring solution

iMocha’s fraud detection mechanism significantly reduces the cheating done by candidates. Also, it enables recruiters to detect the exact instances of how and when the cheating occurred.
Why iMocha’s Proctoring Solution?
Eliminate impersonation of candidates
Create a safe-assessment browser experience to prevent cheating
Know whether the intensity of cheating was low, high, or medium
Find exact instances of cheating and save your precious time.

Hire job-fit candidates,
faster using iMocha

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Candidate ID verification
Prevent candidate impersonation by using iMocha’s Candidate ID verification solution. The candidate needs to present a valid government ID and a selfie, post which an online verification is done within 10 seconds.
Screenshots of sample candidate IDs can be uploaded for verification
Smart Video Proctoring


Get notified when no face is detected, multiple faces are detected and when an unrecognized face is detected.

Identify cheating

Find out if the intensity of the cheating was low, medium, or high and take steps accordingly.
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Understand the context
of cheating

By looking at exact instances of cheating, you can further investigate the context, helping you answer the ‘Why’, ‘When’ and ‘How’.
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Identify exact instances
of cheating

Rather than watching the entire video, save time by using markers to find exact instances of cheating.
Smart Video Proctoring Report

Make intelligent talent decisions
with iMocha

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Safe Assessment Browser

Screen Integrity

Prevent the candidate from taking screenshots, using multiple screens, and recording the screen. Also, enable screen blackout and forced full-screen mode when candidate attempts to share their screen.

Randomization of questions

Ensure that the questions and answers are not appearing in the same order every time, which prevents candidates from disclosing the answers to others.

Browser Patrolling

Get warnings when the candidate goes outside the tab in which he is being assessed. You also get to know the number of violations done by the candidate and the time duration for which they were away from the test window.

Copy-paste locking

Disable copy-pasting so that the candidate cannot copy the answers from other sources on the internet. Additionally, they cannot copy the questions, thus preventing question leakage.

Virtual Machine detection

Detect if the candidate appears for the test by using a virtual machine.
My team absolutely loved how iMocha helped us to create effective Data Science assessments with a combination of their AI-LogicBox questions and our own set of questions.
Ultimately helped us save a lot of competency evaluation time and efforts for a niche role like Data Scientists

Carlos Garcia

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Altran-Portugal reduces interview time by 40%

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Hexaware increases productivity by 40% using iMocha’s proctored skill tests.
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