Build a Skills-based Organization

Build a Skills-based Organization

Transform into a skills-centric organization across Recruitment, Learning, Workforce Planning, Mobility, Appraisal, and Retention 

iMocha’s Skills Intelligence Cloud™ integrates skills identification and mapping into organizational processes, creating a robust framework. It enriches job architecture by defining roles based on required skills, aligning needs and qualifications.

Training ROI

Target training investments more effectively by focusing on identified skill gaps, optimizing learning outcomes and resource use.

Organizational Agility

Enable quicker adaptation to market changes by aligning workforce skills with evolving business needs using iMocha’s dynamic Skills LLM.

Recruitment Precision

Hire with accuracy by matching candidates to roles based on verified skills, reducing turnover and increasing performance.

Craft the Perfect Skills Architecture

iMocha's solution defines and categorizes skills, transforms job profiles, aligns employees with relevant roles, and empowers skills management.

Leverage AI & Go Beyond Assessments

Ensure skills data accuracy and relevance using self-ratings, structured assessments, manager evaluations, and AI-inferred ratings from multiple sources.

Let Data Drive your Business Decisions

Deploy advanced analytics for an actionable skills inventory, enabling strategic workforce planning, critical skills identification, and effective development.
Case Study
How Jobberman partnered with iMocha to upskill 40,000+ candidates in job-relevant soft skills.