Supercharge Talent Acquisition

Supercharge Talent Acquisition

Unlock skills-first hiring to reduce time-to-screen & ensure a better fit between candidates and open positions

iMocha’s Skills Intelligence Cloud™ for Talent Acquisition is an AI-powered solution that offers comprehensive insights into skills, thereby offering a skills-first methodology to screen and acquire top talent.

60% Reduced

Global organizations experience a 60% reduction in time-to-screen, significantly speeding up candidate evaluation and selection processes.

Skills-first Hires

Over 200,000 hires per year are made using a skills-first approach, resulting in improved candidate experiences.

50% Lower Technical Team Dependency

Organizations experience 50% less dependency on their technical evaluation teams, freeing them up for their core jobs.

Leverage AI to Select Job-fit Candidate, Always!

iMocha uses AI Skills Match to match candidates with job openings, thereby refining talent pipelines and identifying ideal candidates.

Rediscover Talent from Pre-vetted Candidate Pool

Keep track of your 'Silver Medalists' by retrieving and engaging qualified candidates from your pre-vetted pool to reduce hiring time and save on candidate acquisition costs.

Expand your Talent Pool with Adjacent Skills

iMocha helps organizations significantly infer adjacent skills to expand their talent pool, ensuring access to a diverse and highly skilled candidate base to meet their talent acquisition needs.

Comprehensive Assessment Library of 3000+ Skills

Evaluate real-world capabilities and forecast candidate performance when employed, using iMocha’s comprehensive assessments in technical, functional, soft, and cognitive skills. 

Take Talent Decisions Backed by Insightful Analytics 

Enhance your recruitment strategies with insightful analytics, offering deep insights and comprehensive reports to guide talent decisions.
Case Study
Capgemini Engineering reduces the time to interview by 40% with iMocha’s customized skill assessments & intelligent interview reports.