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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online Test
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online Test

AWS online test is the ideal pre-hire test for tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidate skills objectively. AWS assessment test helps hire various job roles like AWS Cloud Architect, AWS Cloud Engineer, and AWS Specialist. Our test enables you to build a winning tech team quickly by Increasing the interview-to-selection ratio by 62% and reducing hiring time by 45%.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online Test

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform offered by Amazon.com and is used for computing, database storage, and content delivery. AWS cloud products and services help businesses from 12 geographical regions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Amazon Web Services (AWS) online test enables tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates' AWS programming skills. iMocha's Amazon Web Services (AWS) assessment test is created & validated by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assess & hire AWS Architects as per industry standards.

Two crucial use cases for AWS online test:

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

iMocha's digital skill assessment platform permits inviting candidates for AWS online test. Our platform helps to analyze candidates through customized tests in various ways. The team identifies job-fit candidates based on job roles and evaluates their skills for better hiring.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

Pre- and post-training assessment is a common way to evaluate employees before and after training. The main motive of training is to identify the knowledge, ability, and skill required by the workforce. Our Amazon web services assessment test can be customized according to your requirements.

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Test Summary

Amazon Web Services (AWS) skill assessment test evaluates the candidate’s practical knowledge and identifies whether the candidate is job-ready. The candidate can take this test from anywhere in the comfort of their time zone.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) aptitude test helps you to screen candidates possessing the following skills:

- Hands-on experience in working with AWS services like S3, EC2 

- Experience with AWS concepts and functions 

- Knowledge and experience in Ansible and Jenkins 

- Experience in Java and Python coding (Medium) 

iMocha’s online amazon web services (AWS) test has a unique set of questions. You can also create or ask us to create a customized test with questions specific to your job requirements.

Useful for hiring
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • Senior AWS Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Specialist
  • Amazon Developer
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Amazon CloudSearch

Our AWS online test helps recruiters assess developers' ability to set up, manage and scale Amazon CloudSearch solution for the website.

SQLite, Java & Python Coding

AWS aptitude test helps recruiters to evaluate candidates' SQLite, Java & Python skills.

Ansible Controller

AWS skill assessment helps recruiters to gauge candidates' proficiency in managing AWS S3 Objects with Ansible.

AWS Infrastructure

AWS assessment helps recruiters evaluate candidates' ability to create AWS infrastructure.

Jenkins Security

This assessment checks candidates' knowledge of creating security groups while deploying Jenkins on AWS.

AWS Web Development

This assessment helps employers to quantify the candidate’s AWS web development skills.
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Jenkins security


How can we enable protection in Jenkins to avoid cross-site scripting attacks that can delete projects, modify builds, and update artifacts and configuration?


  • Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security -> CSSX Protection
  • Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security -> CSRF Protection
  • Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security -> XSSFF Protection
  • Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security -> VSRF Protection
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You can customize this test by

Setting the difficulty level of the test

Choose easy, medium, or tricky questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

Combining multiple skills into one test

Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment and assess multiple skills together.

Adding your own
questions to the test

Add, edit, or bulk upload your coding, MCQ, and whiteboard questions.

Requesting a tailor-made test

Receive a tailored assessment created by our subject matter experts to ensure adequate screening.
How does an AWS online test help recruiters hire candidates?
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Recruiters can hire people by assessing skills like AWS Infrastructure, SQLite, Java & Python Coding, Ansible Controller, Jenkins Security in AWS online assessment test. Recruiters can choose topics based on the job-description, which will make the selection process easy for your organization. Moreover, iMocha’s team saves recruiter time in hiring the right-fit candidates.

Which certification should a recruiter look for these roles?
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A recruiter can look for the given-below certifications:

  • Best Overall: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Best for Advanced Students: AWS Certified Security – Speciality
  • Best for Beginners: AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • Best Value: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

What are the roles and responsibilities of AWS Cloud Architect?
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AWS Cloud Architect is responsible to plan, design, and develop the solution architecture. The expert is responsible to communicate requirements of a system to the IT team. Apart from this, AWS Cloud Architect decides the best hardware and software products for integration. He has to supervise the assigned program as well as instruct the other members of a team.

What are the required skillsets of this role?
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These are some of the required skillsets for the particular role:

  • Java, Python, C#
  • Security Foundations
  • Data Storage Fundamentals
  • Networking
  • AWS Service Selection
  • DevOps
  • Cloud - specific patterns and technologies.
  • Container

What is the package of AWS Cloud Architect?
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AWS Solution Architects earn $138,000 per year in the United States. The average salary of AWS Senior Solutions Architect is $276,000 per year.

What are the most common AWS Cloud Architect interview questions?
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Here are few important questions that you can ask to AWS Cloud Architects to know their technical proficiency:

  • What is Amazon EC2 ?
  • What do you mean by Amazon S3?
  • Name the best practices of security for Amazon EC2
  • What Is Identity and Access Management ?
  • Can S3 be used with EC2 Instances, and if yes, how?