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C# Coding Test (Basic)
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C# Coding Test (Basic)

C# coding test is the most effective assessment for talent professionals to quantify coding skills of candidate/employee. Our customers have reported that this assessment has helped them reduce hiring costs by 40% and helped in assessing the training needs of employees.

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C# Coding Test (Basic)

This test helps tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess and employ a C# programmer by measuring the basic level C# coding skills. The best way to evaluate a programmer for a job is to give them a coding test. The candidate must write a code that uses the concepts of essential C# and error handling to solve real-world problems. This C# coding test is created and validated by Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assess and hire entry-level C# developers as per industry standards.

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How it works

Test Summary

This test may contain coding questions and innovative AI-LogicBox (Pseudo coding platform) questions to assess a candidate’s coding skills in a fun & quick way.

How our coding simulator will help you to evaluate the programming skills of a developer:

  • Automatically evaluate and provide a score for the candidate’s written codes by compiling multiple test cases that generate discrete output.
  • You will also get a detailed report for each test case execution, execution time, and execution memory usage for the candidate’s written program.
  • The Code-Replay feature provides real-life simulation of keystrokes allowing the Reviewer of code to understand the typing and thinking pattern of the coder.
Useful for hiring
  • Junior Level C# Programmer
  • Entry Level C# Developer
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Topics Covered


C# knowledge test helps to assess candidates' proficiency in writing a Class to create objects.


This test evaluates candidates’ ability to use various methods to perform specific actions in C# programming.


Our this test also checks the applicant’s ability to use inheritance in C# programming.


This skill assessment evaluates candidate’s knowledge of using Encapsulation for binding the data members and member functions into a single unit


This test quantifies candidates' knowledge of using constructors to initialize and set default values for the data members of the new object

Sample Question
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Question type
Topics covered
Mathematical Calculations: Prime numbers


Find the sum of all prime numbers between two given numbers, both inclusive.


  • Prime Number: Number greater than 1, whose only factors are 1 and itself.

Input Format
Two integers, X and Y, one per line.

Output Format
Print the sum of prime numbers.

Sample Input


Sample Output


Prime Numbers between 1 and 5 are: 2, 3 and 5.
2 + 3 + 5 = 10.
Hence, output should be 10.

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