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NoSQL Test

NoSQL online test is the ideal test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidate's understanding of NoSQL. Our test is useful for hiring NoSQL DataBase Engineer, Hadoop and NoSQL Operations Engineer, NoSQL Database Administrator, NoSQL Platform Engineer, and NoSQL Data Analyst. Our customers have reported that iMocha's NoSQL test has helped them to reduce hiring time by 45%.

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NoSQL Online Test

NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is a non-relational database. NoSQL is especially useful when an enterprise needs to access and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data or data that are stored remotely on multiple virtual servers in the cloud.

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NoSQL Online Test enables recruiters, hiring team and employers, to effectively assess the NoSQL skills of the candidates before an interview. The NoSQL Assessment test is specially designed to evaluate the application-oriented NoSQL skills for hiring your NoSQL expert.

Navigate through our carefully selected NoSQL interview questions, thoughtfully structured to evaluate candidates' technical abilities and locate the perfect team fit.

Useful for hiring
  • NoSQL DataBase Engineer
  • Hadoop and NoSQL Operations Engineer
  • NoSQL Database Administrator
  • NoSQL Platform Engineer
  • NoSQL Data Analyst
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Column-Store system

iMocha’s NoSQL online test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidate’s understanding about column store system

Key-value solutions

Our NoSQL skill test assesses candidate’s understanding about key-value solution which simply uses key value method to store data where key serves as a unique identifier

Graph-Based Solutions

Our NoSQL assessment test checks applicant’s knowledge about NoSQL graph database, database management technology that handles very large sets of structured, semi-structured or unstructured data

Document-Store Id store system

This test evaluates candidate’s knowledge about Document-Store Id store which is a computer program and data storage system designed to store, retrieve and manage document-oriented information

Column-Store solutions

This assessment evaluates candidates' knowledge about Column-Store procedure where the names and format of the columns can vary from row to row in the same table.

Document Store IT Solutions

This test evaluates candidates' understanding about document-oriented database which is used to store, retrieve and manage document-oriented information.
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Consider the given code snippet:

rowID (1,2,3)
login(‘jratt’, ‘pratt’, ‘dsmith’)
email(jratt@company.com’, ‘pratt@company.com’, ‘dsmith@company.com’)
lastloggedon (null, ‘1/1/2015’, null)
building (‘NY’, ‘IL’, null)

You are attempting the following insert:

Insert into users (rowID, login, email, accesslevel, building) values (2, ‘btompson’,‘pratt@company.com’, 2, ‘IL’)

Why will it not work?


  • The email is already in use.
  • The row ID is already in use.
  • The accesslevel is already in use.
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