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SQL Developer test is the ideal test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidate's understanding of SQL. Our test is useful for hiring SQL Server Developer, MS SQL Server developer, and Database Application Developer. Our customers have reported that iMocha's SQL Developer interview test has helped them to reduce hiring time by 45%. 

About Online SQL Developer Subjective Test

To solve this major problem of guesswork in tests, Interview Mocha has launched its unique innovative tool - “The Descriptive Test Simulator” that can evaluate essay type answers. By the use of online Descriptive test simulator, candidates will be able to write one-word answers, short essay type, and long essay type answers. These answers are evaluated through our descriptive assessment engine. This reduces guesstimates in online assessments and gives results sharper than ever. 

The SQL developer test is a subjective test which is specially designed and developed to effectively check the descriptive knowledge related to SQL through our proper descriptive simulator assessment. The SQL quiz online test is reviewed, qualified and validated by our Subject Matter Experts (SME)

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Test Summary

SQL developer interview test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, AI-LogicBox (Pseudo-Coding Platform), Coding Simulators, True or False Questions, etc.  

SQL quiz advanced test enables employers and recruiters to identify potential SQL developers by evaluating working skills and job readiness. For this reason, we have moved on from the MCQ and developed a new simulator known as Descriptive Simulator which evaluates candidates Descriptive/Subjective Answers and grades them automatically. 

Test Duration: 20 minutes

No. of Questions: 3

Level of Expertise: Entry/Mid/Senior

Useful for hiring

  • SQL Server Developer
  • MS SQL Server developer
  • Database Application Developer

Topics Covered

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Concatenation Operator with joiningConcatenation Operator with joining

iMocha’s SQL developer test evaluates candidate’s understanding about concatenation operator which joins two distinct strings into one string value 

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Arithmetic Operation

Our test evaluates candidate’s understanding about arithmetic operators which perform mathematical operations on numeric operands in database 

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Joining with sorting

This assessment evaluates a candidate’s knowledge about sorting data from a database and joining two tables  

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Aggregate Function

This test assesses applicant’s understanding about aggregate function in SQL which performs calculations on multiple values and returns a single value 

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Joining With Aggregate Function

This test assesses candidate’s understanding about joining tables or rows with aggregate function in SQL which performs calculations on multiple values and returns a single value  

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Removing Duplicate Rows

Our SQL quiz online test evaluates candidate’s ability to remove identical data rows from database 

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Joining with conditional Statement

This assessment validates a candidate’s ability to join databases with help of conditional statements 

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Joining with Concatenated Non-NULL Values from a Group

Our test evaluates candidate’s ability to concatenate non-NULL values from a group 

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Comparison Conditions with Joining

This SQL quiz advanced test assesses applicant’s knowledge about comparison conditions which compares one expression with another 

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Case Statement with Aggregate function

iMocha’s assessment helps recruiters to evaluate applicant’s knowledge about case statement which returns a value on a specified condition with aggregate functions 

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Nested Select Statements with Joining

This test validates candidate’s understanding about nested queries which is embedded inside a query called subquery and select statement return a specific value from database 

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Multiple Tables & Joining

Our test helps recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidate’s ability to join multiple tables 

Sample Questions

Choose from our 100,000+ question library or add your own questions to make powerful custom tests

Question types:

Logic Box





Q 1. Write a query to find the email address and skill names of the each job seekers whose skills matches with the required skills for jobs posted one hour ago.
Few lines in the query are missing (//Write your query here).You need to complete the query to get the output.

Table: JobSeeker
JobSeekerID Name Email
1 Max [email protected]
2 Peter [email protected]
Table: Skills
SkillID SkillName
1 C#
3 Java
Table: JobSeekerSkills
ID JobSeekerID SkillID
1 1 2
2 2 1
3 2 3
 Table: JobAdvertisement
ID JobDescription RequiredSkillID PostingDate
1 Software development by C# 1 2017-02-20 03:15:34
2 Software development by PHP 2 2017-02-20 04:31:48
3 Software development by Java 3 2017-02-20 03:31:54

Complete the query given below: 

 "SELECT JobSeeker.Email,   AS 'Skill Name',

FROM  JobSeeker
INNER JOIN JobSeekerSkills ON JobSeekerSkills.JobSeekerID = JobSeeker.JobSeekerID

INNER JOIN JobAdvertisement ON JobAdvertisement.RequiredSkillID = JobSeekerSkills.SkillID
GROUP BY JobSeeker.Email "

Sample Report

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