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Sales Account Manager Test

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Sales Account Manager Test

Sales account management involves a process of post-sales role that mainly focuses on nurturing client relationships. Account management aims to build long-term relationships with your company's most valuable accounts. Considering this, the key role of the account managers is to retain clients' business and grow those opportunities. Account managers achieve these objectives by understanding their clients' primary goals and assisting them in achieving them.

The sales account manager test helps recruiters & hiring managers assess candidates' ability to nurture client relationships after-sales closure. An online sales account manager test is designed by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) to evaluate and hire account managers per industry standards. 

Why use Interview Mocha's sales account manager test? 

This sales account manager test helps employers in many ways, including hiring a job-fit candidate within a short period, making unbiased employee performance appraisal decisions, and reducing hassle in mass recruitment. You can minimize candidate filtration time by up to 85% with the sales account manager online test. 

Account manager skills test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows: 

  • Ability to understand the requirements of the clients 
  • Ability to understand the customer pain points and work towards providing a solution
  • Experience in building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships
  • Familiarity with handling the entire sales cycle
  • Knowledge of sales management to drive both volume and value business

Recruiters can use intelligent & powerful test insights features that will help to identify job fit candidates more accurately with score distribution & section analysis features. The account manager interview test is designed considering EEOC guidelines; it will help you assess & hire diverse talent without any bias.

Pre-employment account manager test may contain: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, Audio/Video Questions, LogicBox (AI-based essay evaluation), Job-based Simulations, True or False Questions, etc.

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Customer Focus Approach

Building Customer Focus


Handling objection


Managing difficult conversations


Building Partnership


Setting Boundaries

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As an account manager working for an IT company, you are in a review meeting with a customer. You observe that the presentation you plan to present in the meeting is very different from what the customer explained during his opening interactions. What would you do?


  • Continue with the presentation. You have done your research and have a plan to solve the customer's concerns quickly.
  • Listen to the customer, and show raw data aligning with the customer's needs. Don't quote using the existing presentation, which may prove non-relevant.
  • Use the existing presentation; explain to the customer that you prepared it with a different thought process.
  • Request the customer for an alternative presentation slot. Re-work the presentation and share a more relevant one.
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