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Very Large-scale Integration Test
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Very Large-scale Integration Test

The Very Large-scale Integration test is the preferred pre-employment test for recruiters and hiring managers to hire job-fit candidates for a job position such as VLSI Engineer. Very large-scale integration skills assessment reduces hiring time by 40% and increases interview to selection ratio by 62%.

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Very Large-scale Integration Test

Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining millions of MOS transistors onto a single chip. VLSI began in the 1970s when MOS integrated circuit chips were widely adopted, enabling complex semiconductor and telecommunication technologies to be developed. The microprocessor and memory chips are VLSI devices. VLSI lets IC designers add all of these into one chip. The electronics industry has achieved phenomenal growth over the last few decades, mainly due to the rapid advances in large-scale integration technologies and system design applications.

Very Large Scale Integration skills assessment has a unique set of questions. You can also create or ask us to create a customized test that includes questions specific to your job requirement.

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Test Summary

VLSI skills test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:

  • Good experience with bipolar junction transistors in VLSI
  • Strong knowledge of VLSI designs for electronic integrated circuits
  • Familiarity with the memory testing process in VLSI

The Very Large-scale Integration test has a set of questions to cope with recent technological developments. Moreover, you can add your questions per the job description requirement.

Useful for hiring
  • VLSI Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
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iMocha's pre-hire test assesses the candidate's knowledge of bipolar junction transistor (BJT), which acts as a current-controlled switch

VLSI Design

Our tech skills test evlaluates understamding of VLSI design

Memory Testing

The test gauges the applicant's knowledge of memory testing in VLSI using Algorithms and Patterns efficiently



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Computer Network - Topology


You have multiple electricity meters connected serially with a terminator in the last unit, what is the network topology that best describes this scenario?


  • Star
  • Mesh
  • Bus
  • Hybrid
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