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Probability Skills Test
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Probability Skills Test

This skills test is designed to assess existing and potential employees' key mathematical and statistical skills to ensure the right individual is employed in the role. Using this test, you can easily determine the most immediate skills your organization needs and reduce dependency on hiring teams by 80%.

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Probability Skills Test

What is Probability?

It enables employees to use the available information and make informed estimates of market trends, consumer behavior, etc., to influence business decisions. This is an essential skill for roles associated with data science and analytics.  

Why use iMocha?  

This test enables an unbiased selection process that assesses candidates' & employees' skills relevant to the job. It gives complete access control through role-based user credentials and detailed reports on each participant's performance so that you can make an informed choice.  

Thus, using this test, you get to decide which candidates to hire and promote, as well as which areas of training and development to focus on, in a more informed manner.  

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How it works

Test Summary

The iMocha Skills Test helps screen potential and existing employees based on the following capabilities:  

  • Accurately interpreting and calculating possible situations  
  • Making informed decisions based on data analysis  
  • Interpreting basic statistical concepts like mean, median, mode, etc  
  • Making sound decisions through risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis  
  • Using various concepts to solve real-world business problems  

This skills test ensures that the right individual is employed in a job role. This is achieved through automated screening tests that provide detailed analytical reports of each participant to help decision-makers. The system also has anti-cheating features that help ensure fairness.  

Useful for hiring
  • AVP - Analytics/Credit Risk SAS Regulatory Modelling  
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Lead
  • Quantitative Analyst
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How is this skill test customized?
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The skills test can be customized according to the organization's requirements. You can also choose which technical and non-technical skills of candidates and employees you want to assess. It enables you to assess skills like SQL, Algerba, AI, cloud computing, and more. Furthermore, you can also choose the question to be included in the test to make it more specific.

What are the most common interview questions for the Probability analyst role?
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Here are some questions associated with an interview for this job role:  

  • Draw a circle and choose two chords at random. What is the probability that those chords will intersect?  
  • What is the expected number of rolls to see all six sides of a fair die?  
  • How can a data scientist use the central limit theorem to decide?  
  • How many cards would you have to draw from an unbiased deck before you draw your first king?  

Need help creating a custom set of questions? iMocha can help!  

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Probability analyst?
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Detailed below are some of the responsibilities which an analyst in this role may undertake:

  • Have a deep understanding of the data, its limitations, and its meaning, including the investigation of data validity.  
  • Study multiple datasets and uncover market trends relevant to the industry.  
  • Build and maintain data-driven models for predictions.  
  • Keep data models updated according to industry standards and innovation.  
  • Have the ability to work around the limitations of model outputs.  
  • Have an understanding of statistical soundness and validity.  
What are the required skill sets for this role? 
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Here are a few technical and non-technical skills that would be required for this job role:  

Technical Skills:  

  • SQL (Structured Query Language)  
  • Mathematics and Statistics, including linear algebra and calculus  
  • Cloud computing  
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning and AI  
  • A track record of using data to solve complex problems  

Non-technical Skills:  

  • Innovative  
  • Self-driven  
  • Highly communicative  
  • Creative thinking  
  • Attention to detail