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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a technical skill test?

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    How to assess technical skills?

    To assess the technical skills of your existing employees and job applicants, first identify the skills your staff will need to perform their day-to-day activities. If you are planning to hire for tech position then proficiency in tech skills is vital. Well-honed talent improves their work performance and master the tasks. Here are the few ways to assess technical skills

    • Pay attention and identify job specific skills
    • Start testing technical skills with skill tests
    • Start customizing every skill assessment for each role

    In an effort to hire the best talent is questions customization allowed?

    iMocha understands that assessing candidate skills is an important part of hiring process. Mocha’s digital skills assessment platforms enables you to customize the test as per the need. The prebuilt tests can be customized, or users can create their own test from scratch, with the ability to upload custom questions

    How to prevent cheating in online technical skills test?

    Organizations were using conventional skills assessment methods for decades and these methods had many loopholes. The biggest problem recruiters face is cheating. And to prevent malpractices like cheating, iMocha has advanced AI-enabled cheating prevention techniques that facilitate a smooth test experience.
    How iMocha prevents cheating in online technical skills test:

    • Real-time image proctoring: Captures images of the applicants while appearing for the test and raises a flag if the candidate has used any unfair means
    • Window lock with test termination: It restrict candidates from moving out of the test window and try to take online help to solve the questions. It also provides the information about the number and duration for which the applicant was moved out of the test window.
    • Randomization for questions and answers: iMocha make test questions appear randomly from the question bank to avoid cheating.
    • Audio proctoring: Monitors background voices while candidate appear for the test. The system raises flag if there is suspicious voice.
    • Video proctoring: Records visual responses of the applicant while giving test and makes sure applicant is not indulged in unfair means.
    • IP ranges: Decides the IP ranges from which the test can be attempted. Helps during campus and bulk hiring by restricting test attempts

    What are the different types of questions in technical skills assessment?

    Technical skill test gives the best output when it contains questions specifically designed to the role and needs of the hiring team. So, while designing the test iMocha has combined different types of questions to get a 360-degree view of how an applicant will perform in different scenarios. The iMocha tech skill assessment contains:

    • Multiple choice questions
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Audio and video questions
    • Coding questions with multiple test cases option
    • Lockbox questions

    What are premium skills?

    Premium skills are new age skills related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics.

    What kind of reports the online skill assessments generate?  

    iMocha's online skill testing provides intuitive and customizable reports which helps you to make successful hiring decision. The reports enable recruiter and hiring manager to read the summary of an applicant’s assessment in a well-organized and easy way. Also, shows performance wise results for each skill required for the job role. Let’s understand a few more aspects:

    • When it comes to lateral hiring or university hiring, the test identifies skill gap with comparative reports to find out the top performers
    • With advanced filter and deeper insights into section wise scores, test score, and performance categories, you can filter the top performers and shortlist them for further interviews.
    • Generate shareable reports in PDF or Excel format which you can easily share with your teammates for collaborative hiring
    • Provides in-depth analysis of the test such as the top scores, average scores, no. of applicants invited, test attempts, status, and more

    How much time does it require to get the customized assessment?

    There can be 2 cases here depending on the availability of the content.

    1st Case : We have all the content readily available that is requested by the customer.
    In this case, the assessment can be created and delivered within 24-48 hours. The process including requirement analysis, assessment creation, validation, proofreading, and final delivery.

    2nd Case : Unavailability of the content that is requested by the customer.
    In this case, we have to create the content with the help of Subject Matter Experts. This takes around 8-9 days. The process including searching and finalizing the Subject Matter Expert, creation of content, quality check on predefined parameters, creating the assessment, validation, and proofreading of assessment, and final delivery.
    In some cases where the customer’s request niche skills, the process might take 12-14 days.

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