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Salesforce Developer Job Description

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Job Brief

As our CRM needs evolve, we are looking for a talented Salesforce developer to help design world-class Salesforce applications. The Salesforce developer's primary responsibility is to create customized solutions integrated with the Salesforce platform. You will also analyse project objectives, create customer workflows, and troubleshoot errors.

The candidate must be ready an extensive experience working with Salesforce CRM platforms, application development skills, and the ability to solve complex software problems.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and customize Salesforce applications using Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Component Framework
  • Design and implement solutions to business problems using Salesforce technologies
  • Integrate Salesforce with other systems using APIs and web services
  • Collaborate with other developers and project managers to ensure timely delivery of projects
  • Write clean, well-documented, and efficient code
  • Test and debug software applications
  • Participate in code reviews to maintain code quality
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging Salesforce technologies and frameworks
  • Communicate effectively with clients and project stakeholders

Requirements and Skills

  • Strong knowledge of the Salesforce platform and technologies, including Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Component Framework
  • Familiarity with Salesforce development tools such as Salesforce DX, Git, and Jira
  • Experience with integrating Salesforce with other systems using APIs and web services
  • Knowledge of database concepts and experience with SQL
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Recruiters must use Salesforce Skills Assessments to effectively evaluate candidates' proficiency and ensure a seamless hiring process for Salesforce-related roles.

Average Salary

The average wage for a Salesforce Developer varies depending on a number of variables, including geographic area, candidate experience, and firm size.

The average hourly wage for a Salesforce employee ranges from $14.10 for a data entry clerk to $77.91 for a development operations engineer. It's crucial to keep in mind that other advantages like bonuses, equity, and stock options—which are frequently granted by employers—can affect the overall income as well.

Common Salesforce Job Titles

  • Salesforce Developer: For Salesforce to effectively translate business needs into products, Salesforce developers work in tandem with their counterparts in sales, customer service, and marketing. Salesforce developers are in charge of QA, testing, debugging, and user documentation when solutions are produced.
  • Salesforce Administrator: A Salesforce Administrator uses customization of the Salesforce Platform to address business issues. They develop, configure, and automate technological solutions to provide commercial value. In order to create system needs and configure the platform, Salesforce Administrators collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Salesforce Consultant: The Salesforce consultant assists companies in maximizing the potential of their Salesforce platform. They are a great asset to any organization because of their communication expertise and knowledge of the platform and business procedures. As a result, they are well-rewarded with competitive compensation.
  • Salesforce Architect: A Salesforce Architect uses Salesforce products to assist in designing and delivering solutions for enterprise-grade clients. The primary function is to specify the trade-offs involved in selecting one solution over another and recommend the optimal option for a specific set of requirements.

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