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Statistical Modeling Skills Test
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Statistical Modeling Skills Test

This assessment assesses the candidates' and employees' ability to use statistical models in real-world situations. It also allows talent professionals to identify skills gaps and aids in building successful teams with effective learning programs and reduces hiring costs by 45%.

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Statistical Modeling Skills Test

What is statistical modeling?

It is a method of creating mathematical models and algorithms like K-clustering, regression models, and so forth to analyze and interpret data. It uses sample data to make predictions.  

Why use iMocha's Statistical Modeling skills test?  

This test is an ideal skill assessment for talent managers to evaluate individuals' technical and non-technical skills without bias. Additionally, other features of this test, like AI-based proctoring solutions, AI-LogicBox, and live coding interviews, help talent professionals scale up hiring and upskilling initiatives.  

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Test Summary

This test helps to assess capabilities like:  

  • Understand critical concepts like probability, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.  
  • Proficiency in relevant tools and frameworks such as R, Python, and SAS is also essential.  
  • Data preprocessing skills for accurate results, including data cleaning and feature engineering.  
  • Model selection and evaluation skills, including knowledge of unsupervised learning, tree-based methods, linear regression, and resampling.  

All these questions of this test are designed per the latest industry trends to assist recruiters and L&D managers in making smart hiring and upskilling decisions based on skills first insights.  

Useful for hiring
  • Statistical Modeling Analyst  
  • Senior Machine Learning Scientist
  • Senior Data Science Analyst
  • ML Quantitative Analyst
  • ML Research Scientist
  • Business Analyst (ML)
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Our SMEs can tailor the assessment to the required primary and secondary abilities, such as regression analysis, data visualization, or machine learning. Additionally, the questions of this test can be adjusted to suit different levels of expertise, from beginner to advance, to help you assess individuals' abilities better.

What are the most common interview questions related to Statistical Modeling? 
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There are several standard interview questions related to this field are:

  • How would you handle missing data in a dataset?
  • What is meant by mean imputation for missing data?
  • What are the drawbacks of A/B testing?
  • What is the significance of the p-value?

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What are the required skill sets for this role?
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Here is the list of technical and non-technical skills:


  • Statistics  
  • Mathematics  
  • Programming languages like R  
  • Python and SAS  
  • Data preprocessing
  • Data cleaning  


  • Communication  
  • Problem-solving  
  • Interpersonal  
  • Detail Oriented  
What is the package of individuals in this field?
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The average salary for a Statistical Modeling Analyst in the United States is around $82,000 annually. However, this can vary based on experience, location, and industry.