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SAP FICO Test (Financial Accounting & Controlling)
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SAP FICO Test (Financial Accounting & Controlling)

Our SAP FICO test is the preferred pre-employment assessment for recruiters and hiring managers to determine the job-fit candidates objectively and accurately. The SAP FICO online test is useful for hiring job roles such as Finance Specialist, SAP FICO Consultant, SAP FICO Analyst, and SAP FI Analyst. The FICO test can improve the interview-to-selection ratio by 62% and reduce hiring time by 45%.

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SAP FI is a functional module in SAP software that provides a complete solution for tracking the financial accounting data within enterprises. SAP CO module helps businesses to plan, report & monitor costs. SAP FI application helps to manage and represent all accounting-related data. It also provides the operational information that is used for making strategic decision for your business. SAP FICO consultants are required to have a strong understanding of FICO modules to suggest improvements to business systems.

SAP FICO  Test is specifically designed and developed by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assess candidates' SAP financial controlling and accounting skills per industry standards. SAP FICO online test assists recruiters and hiring managers in evaluating applicants for abilities such as high-performing finance operations, financial strategic planning implementation, and providing effective outcomes on time.

You can ask the applicant to appear for the SAP FI online assessment test from any location at their convenience since you can conduct the test online, and features like online proctoring and windows violation records make the screening secure. It will help you to eliminate the need for infrastructure & travel reimbursement.

Our hiring analytics provides you with a detailed analysis of skills-related strengths and weaknesses of the candidates that helps you in making the right hiring decisions.

SAP FICO test is designed considering EEOC guidelines. It helps employers to assess and hire diverse talent without any bias.

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Test Summary

To evaluate working skills and job readiness of the applicants, in SAP FICO online test, an emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience, rather than theoretical knowledge.

The SAP FI test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, True or False.

SAP FI online test contains the combination of application and theory questions that helps you to evaluate technical as well as practical skills of candidates.

Check out our curated list of SAP FICO interview questions that will help you assess candidates' technical skills and find the perfect fit for your team.

Useful for hiring
  • Finance Specialist (0-2 yrs of exp.)
  • SAP FICO Consultant (0-2 yrs of exp.)
  • SAP FICO Analyst (0-2 yrs of exp.)
  • SAP FI Analyst
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Topics Covered

General Ledger accounting

The SAP FICO online test assesses candidate’s ability to work on general ledger accounts

MIGO and MITO Transactions

The SAP FI online test contains questions on MIGO and MIRO are transaction codes

Financial Statement Versions

Our SAP FICO test checks the ability to use financial statements to run account balance reports and general ledge accounting

Cost & profit centers

The SAP FICO online test evaluates knowledge of cost & profit centers

Asset Under Construction

The SAP FICO test checks knowledge of assets under construction

Accrual Engine

SAP FICO test checks ability to work on accrual engine tool to calculate and post accruals automatically
Sample Question
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Topics covered
Financial Accounting - Accounts Receivable


You are running transaction F110 and getting payment documents for all the vendors, but some vendor payment requests are not being picked for payment run. When checking payment block and payment terms block, everything seems to be normal. Which settings do you have to consider for problem-solving?


  • Make sure that for those vendors there is picked up for payment
  • See from the exception list (of the proposal) the error message against the said items and the description of such error message
  • Check if invoice is not on another payment proposal that has not been completed or deleted
  • None of the options
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