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Pythian reduces its time-to-hire from 90 days to 34 days with iMocha


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Canada, the US (Minneapolis, New York), India, the UK, APAC

  • Time consuming hiring process
  • Manual process, which led to errors and mistakes
  • High dropout rates in the recruitment funnel
  • Increased malpractices
  • Labor intensive process
  • Expensive process
  • Customized skills assessment (flexibility to add questions)
  • Proctoring
  • AI-LogicBox (which is a Code Simulator)
  • Live Coding
  • AI-EnglishPro

The Company

"Born out of love for data," Pythian is an IT services and consulting firm with 400+ global customers. Pythian offers innovative solutions tailored and customized based on the requirements of each of their clients by unlocking the power of data, analytics, and cloud.

They provide solutions ranging from Cloud Automation to Machine Learning and strive to solve their customers' most demanding data challenges. With a 64 Net Promoter Customer Satisfaction Score, Pythian has strategic partnerships with several technology platform leaders, including Google, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Snowflake.


Pythian has always believed in the power of skills assessment in discovering the best-fit candidates with the same love for data as their employees. Hence, Pythian's Talent Acquisition team had incorporated skills assessment into their recruitment process for a long time.

But there was a catch that hindered the seamless functioning of their hiring process.

Pythian followed an incredibly manual method for assessing their candidates' skills, where their Talent Acquisition team would send questions to their prospective employees as a simple PDF.

As Pythian followed a manual process, they confronted many problems, including:

  • Low completion rates
  • Appearance of interview questions on Reddit and other forums
  • Candidates relying on malpractices
  • Wastage of time, money, and resources
  • Increase in hiring time

These concerns were becoming increasingly exasperating for Pythian’s hiring team. Therefore, they needed a better solution that would take them away from the pen-and-paper mode of candidate assessments and lead them to one that leverages innovative hiring practices to get the best talent.

"I needed a breadth of solutions. Something that can test an Oracle Database Consultant, a Google Cloud Architect, or a Big Data Engineer, and I couldn't find any solution until I found iMocha. Nothing I found came close to the breadth of the question banks that were already available. But, the ability to import our own questions on iMocha was a key factor for getting buy-in from my team for choosing iMocha.”

Scott Parker, Manager
Global Talent Acquisition, Pythian


Pythian found iMocha as their perfect skills assessment solution provider in 2019, primarily because iMocha facilitates their users with the option for customization as they follow a customer-first approach.

Pythian wanted a skills assessment platform where their team could add their own questions and offer them flexibility. With iMocha, Pythian could reach out to iMocha’s product team if they required any additions and they would customize and address these requests.

Along with customization, Pythian wanted to prevent malpractices during their assessments. It was an issue Pythian had while conducting manual tests. iMocha, through their unique AI-enabled innovative proctoring features, offered the perfect solution for Pythian’s problem.

Pythian also finds AI-LogicBox as highly beneficial in assessing their candidates because of their flexibility to evaluate candidates, focusing on the problem’s logic.

Since Pythian hires employees from different parts of the world, including countries where English isn’t the first language, they want to analyze the business communication skills of their prospective employees. For this purpose, they found iMocha’s AI-EnglishPro highly reliable and helpful.

Result with iMocha

After integrating iMocha, Pythian saw a considerable decrease in their time-to-hire and time-to-fill open positions. Parker thought that reducing the time-to-fill by ten to fifteen days (the time taken for conducting manual technical assessments) would assist Pythian in rolling out their offers three weeks earlier than they used to do.

“The time-to-fill when I first joined was on average 90 days. Now, with iMocha, our time to fill is 34 days. So, you know if we consider the last five years since I've been in charge, we've managed to reduce the time-to-fill significantly, by optimizing our strategy with iMocha."
Scott Parker,
Manager- Global Talent Acquisition, Pythian

Along with the reduction in time-to-hire, Pythian also achieved:

  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Lowered costs on hiring job-fit candidates
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Overcame the candidate dropout rates in the recruitment funnel
  • Freed bandwidth of senior technical consultants who were doing technical assessments
  • Found suitable candidates by overcoming malpractices while relying on proctoring
  • Analyzed candidates for both technical and non-technical skills

So far, Pythian has assessed 16,133 candidates with iMocha, where the number of candidates who appeared for the test in the last one year (from October 2021 to October 2022) is 10,537, and the number of candidates completing these assessments is 9,047.

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