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: At a glance - a Virginia, USA based Global Technology Job portal that helps IT companies to find the best tech talent for a job, position or a project in 30 seconds flat It effectively replaces the time consuming, manually tedious and error prone task of scanning thousands of resumes to fit a job.’s (formerly highly automated, relevant candidate recommendation system has proven its value for 1000's of customers in the USA over ten years.

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Job portals are often blamed for their lack of intelligent sorting of profiles. In case of tech hiring, recruiters are weary of scanning through thousands of similar profiles, shortlisting some which are eventually rejected by their Hiring Managers. By using assessments we aim at easing out the burden of recruiters and help them find the best candidates. A tech evaluated profile adds a lot of credibility to the job seeker and saves hours for the recruiters; a win-win situation for all.



iMocha's partnership

Challenges Faced

For Recruiters the main challenge was technical skills quantification. A lot of time was spent going through the resumes, coordinating with the candidates, and scheduling interviews.

  • Technical skills quantification
  • Filtering qualified profiles
  • Qualified candidates competing against hordes of resumes

Recruiters are usually faced with heavy workload and tight deadlines. When Recruiters turn towards job portals, they usually seek to pick out the best candidates and hire them in the shortest possible time. Any job portal works effectively when it provides value for both sides of the ecosystem, in this case – job seekers and employers.

Many of the shortlisted candidates did not possess the adequate skills and fell flat in the interviews. Recruiters usually do not have technical knowledge and often shortlist candidates based on their resumes. It is then left up to the Hiring Managers to evaluate the candidates for their technical skills. This even leads to the right candidates being neglected.

The job seekers on the other hand do not get the platform to highlight their profiles which will help them connect with the relevant job roles. Many just create their profile but remain inactive due to inefficient processes and disengagement.

Techfetch partnered with iMocha to provide assessments.

Techfetch validated the skills of the job seekers through two ways:

  • The job-seeker could appear for the assessment and if they scored 60% or more, their profile was featured in searches
  • The recruiters could send assessment links to suitable profile to invite them to appear for the test

When job seekers appeared for the assessments, they could pin their scores to their profile. This helped them get noticed when recruiters searched for relevant skills. On the other hand, recruiters received profiles that were evaluated and hence decreased the dependency on the Technical team. They could attach the reports and send it to their Hiring Managers to set up the interviews.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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