Pythian reduces its time-to-hire from 90 days to 34 days with iMocha

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Born out of love for data, Pythian is an IT services and IT consulting firm with 400+ global customers.

Pythian offers innovative solutions tailored based on each of their clients’ requirements by unlocking the power of data, analytics, and cloud. They provide solutions ranging from Cloud Automation to Machine Learning and have strategic partnerships with Google, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Snowflake.

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I needed a breadth of solutions. Something that can test an Oracle Database Consultant, a Google Cloud Architect, or a Big Data Engineer, and I couldn't find any solution until I found iMocha. Nothing I found came close to the breadth of the question banks that were already available. But, the ability to import our own questions on iMocha was a key factor for getting buy-in from my team for choosing iMocha.

-Scott Parker,

Manager- Global Talent Acquisition, Pythian

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Challenges Faced

Since Pythian believed in the power of skills assessments for discovering the best-fit candidates, they had incorporated skills assessments to their recruitment process for a long time. But they followed a manual approach, which was causing issues like:

  • Low completion rates  
  • Appearance of interview questions on Reddit and other forums  
  • Candidates relying on malpractices  
  • Wastage of time, money, and resources  
  • Increase in hiring time

These concerns were becoming increasingly exasperating for Pythian’s hiring team. Therefore, they needed a better solution to take them away from the pen-and-paper mode of candidate assessments and lead them to one that leverages innovative hiring practices to get the best talent.

Pythian started its journey with iMocha in 2019, primarily because iMocha facilitates its users with customization and flexibility, following a customer-first approach. Pythian wanted a skills assessment platform where their team could add their own questions and offer them flexibility. With iMocha, Pythian could reach out to iMocha's product team if they have any additional requirements without any hesitations.

Pythian also wanted to prevent malpractices during their assessments. iMocha, through its unique AI-enabled innovative proctoring features, offered the perfect solution for this problem. Along with proctoring, they find AI-LogicBox and AI-EnglishPro highly beneficial features for assessing their candidates.  

Moving forward with the results Pythian gained after incorporating iMocha, they saw an incredible reduction in their time and cost to hire. They have also enhanced candidate experience, reduced dropout rates in their recruitment funnel, overcame malpractices with proctoring, and so forth.


  • Reduced time-to-hire from 90 days to 34 days
  • Lowered hiring costs  
  • Improved candidate experience  
  • Decreased candidate dropout rates
  • Overcame malpractices with proctoring proctoring  
  • Analyzed candidates for both technical and non-technical skills

"The time-to-hire when I first joined was, on average, 90 days. Now, with iMocha, our time to fill is 34 days. So, if we consider the last five years since I've been in charge, we've significantly reduced the time-to-fill by optimizing our strategy with iMocha."  

- Scott Parker, Manager- Global Talent Acquisition, Pythian  

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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