Freshworks software training academy opens career opportunities for underprivileged youths with iMocha’s skills assessments

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Freshworks Inc. creates business software for empowering people who power businesses. Operating worldwide with over 58,000 customers in IT, customer support, sales, marketing, and so forth, Freshworks' customer base includes companies like Bridgestone, DeliveryHero, ITV, etc.  

Freshworks uses iMocha's skills intelligence and skills assessment platform as part of their CSR program, Freshworks Software Training Academy (STR). Through this initiative, Freshworks endeavors to provide career advancement and higher education opportunities in tech for talented, underprivileged students from low-income backgrounds in remote regions of Tamil Nadu, India.  

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iMocha's team was ready to offer all forms of engineering, customer, and service support. In short, they were there to facilitate whatever was required to make the program successful. They provided six-hour online live support, solving all the problems faced by students resulting in less than 1% drop-out rate during the assessment period.

-Shanmuga Anandaraman,

Director of Social Impact at Freshworks

iMocha's partnership

Challenges Faced

Freshworks faced several roadblocks as they started their journey to facilitate career opportunities for underprivileged youths as part of their CSR initiative. They range from issues with spreading the word to students to seamlessly conducting these skills assessments in technologically backward regions.

Internet connectivity in remote areas was a significant issue confronted by Freshworks. To resolve this, Freshworks required a platform that "can work anywhere, even with an edge (2G) connection," said Shanmuga Anandaraman, Director of Social Impact at Freshworks.

Secondly, students attending these assessments were from humble backgrounds without a firm foot in English. So, Freshworks wanted a skills assessment platform that could have tests in Tamil (a regional language in south India), including mathematical and logical reasoning questions. Through this, they knew they could evaluate the students based on their merits.

Ensuring candidates' integrity by eradicating malpractices was yet another priority for Freshworks while conducting skills assessments. Freshworks was also searching for a skills assessment platform to understand their prerequisite thoroughly and provide them with the needed support. These were some of the main hurdles Freshworks confronted as they started their CSR initiative.

Freshworks collaboration with iMocha began in 2020 because of iMocha’s scalability, flexibility, and versatility, and as of now, the Freshworks CSR initiative has evaluated two batches of students with iMocha’s platform.

Based on Freshworks requirements, iMocha's team translated all the skills questions to Tamil and custom-created image-rich questions. Additionally, to ensure candidates' integrity, iMocha's smart image proctoring was enabled by Freshworks. "We have great proctoring images of students attending the assessments from auto-rickshaws and even marriage halls. It's beautiful to see that a platform like this enables this program to actually go to where the students are," added Shanmuga Anandaraman.    

Upon partnering with iMocha, the Freshworks CSR initiative could enable students to take part in assessments by overcoming technical snags from anywhere with integrity.  

  • Enabled students wherever they were to take assessments    
  • Assisted students to overcome any technical snags  
  • Reduced the dropout rates to less than one percent during tests
  • Ensured the integrity of students with smart proctoring tools  
  • Incorporated image-rich questions and provided questions in regional language

"I recommend iMocha to people looking to conduct assessments at scale, especially those who want to conduct assessments in regional languages. But most importantly, the bigger reason is the people behind iMocha. They connected with the cause of our program and were ready to go above and beyond what is expected from just a software provider. I would strongly recommend iMocha for its team and a well-thought-of product."    

- Shanmuga Anandaraman, Director of Social Impact, Freshworks    

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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