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Mojio is the technological backbone for the rapidly growing connected car industry. Mojio isn’t just connecting cars to the internet but enabling a new automotive ecosystem, bringing together players of all shapes, sizes, and forms. Mojio is the key to connecting them all.

Founded in 2012, Mojio is on a mission to give every vehicle a voice. Mojio’s platform delivers a smarter, safer, and more convenient driving and vehicle ownership experience to subscribers of major network operators, including Deutsche Telekom, Rogers Communications, T-Mobile, and TELUS.

Automotive Technology
Vancouver, Canada
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iMocha's partnership

Challenges Faced

Mojio wanted to solve challenges with skills quantification by finding a suitable assessment partner that is integrated with Greenhouse to reduce the time spent on interviewing unqualified candidates.

Mojio was experiencing rapid growth and needed to hire aggressively. They wanted to hire extensively for a technical support role and realized their existing recruitment process was unable to cope with the headcount needs. Mojio relied largely on personal and telephonic interviews to filter candidates. These traditional assessment methods could not quantify skills effectively, which resulted in hiring managers wasting time on irrelevant candidates.

Mojio, being a tech-driven company, wanted to automate its recruitment process. It was searching for a quality assessment partner already integrated with Greenhouse, which was its ATS (Application Tracking System) partner.

With the need to hire quality candidates, Mojio needed an assessment platform that could streamline its process. When evaluated, iMocha exceeded its expectations and what clinched the deal was the seamless 1-click integration with Greenhouse. Beyond the flexibility to work entirely from the Greenhouse workflow, recruiters could conduct remote assessments and access assessment reports which helped make better hiring decisions.

Skills assessment customization provided the much-needed edge to the recruiting process. The recruiters created the test with a combination of their own questions and iMocha questions. The customizable workflow in Greenhouse further provided greater transparency to the recruitment process and saved a lot of time.

The Results:

With rich pools of talent growing by the day, Mojio could shift focus to its long-term hiring strategy. With iMocha, Mojio has managed to completely automate its hiring process. iMocha’s integration with Greenhouse allowed Mojio to send assessment invites and view reports from either of the platforms. Their time to hire has reduced, and the process is a lot smoother than before.

iMocha and Greenhouse partnership

In April 2018, iMocha and Greenhouse formed a formidable partnership to deliver iMocha’s assessments through Greenhouse’s Applicant Tracking System to streamline the recruitment process for recruiters and hiring managers.

Key highlights:

  • 1-click integration with Greenhouse
  • Remote assessments with image proctoring
  • Skills-wise comparative reports
  • Advanced analytics

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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