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Capgemini Engineering has been a global leader in engineering and R&D consulting since 1998, providing business, strategy, development, and information technology services and solutions.

Capgemini Engineering serves industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Financial Sector, Telecommunications & Media, Public Sector, Health Care & Life Sciences, and Energy & Utilities. It has a global presence in over 30 countries.

Information Technology Services
Paris, France
Global Presence
30+ countries
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HR System
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Challenges Faced

Leveraging iMocha Skills Assessment Consulting Solution, Capgemini Engineering was able to streamline its job candidate screening and shortlisting process with data-driven insights at each stage of the process.

  • Lack of an effective candidate screening system :- A multitude of resumes that Capgemini Engineering receives every year poses a herculean task of shortlisting job candidates by sifting through the resumes and screening the candidates based on factors like educational background, work experience, and top-tier colleges. Operating in such a high-risk environment could result in bias, non-compliance with equal employment opportunity standards, and the loss of qualified candidates.
  • Lack of a well-defined technical skill assessment process:- Capgemini Engineering, a leader in innovation, sought a data-driven recruitment process that used technical skill assessments to weed out undesirable candidates during the initial phase of screening job candidates.
  • Manual efforts resulted in increased time to hire :-Capgemini Engineering required a skill assessment platform that was easy to use, flexible, reduced manual efforts on the part of its recruitment teams, and facilitated collaboration among recruiters and hiring managers. Capgemini Engineering also specified the assessment tool to be used by the staffing agency partners.
  • Matching the right candidates to open positions without bias: Capgemini Engineering utilized iMocha's solution to assess a candidate's technical skills in relation to the job role, ensuring that the candidates who were shortlisted were skilled in the skills listed on their resumes. Capgemini Engineering was able to hire qualified candidates.
  • Building a customized skills assessment process: Capgemini Engineering created a customized skill assessment process for screening job candidates thanks to their partnership with iMocha. With the ability to select from a variety of question types such as MCQ, MAQ, True/False, and the ability to implement pre-built features such as Coding Simulators, Audio/Video, and Whiteboarding, Capgemini Engineering was successful in creating assessments for a wide range of job roles that were unique to their business needs.
  • Reducing hiring time to increase recruitment efficiency: With a well-oiled recruitment process, the hiring time was cut by half. This also reduced the administrative costs associated with the entire process while filtering out irrelevant candidates in the initial stages.
  • Improving cross-team collaboration for effective recruitment: The recruiting team at Capgemini Engineering collaborated more effectively through iMocha's user-friendly platform. Team members could easily share candidate assessment reports with other departments facilitating cross-team collaboration, reducing manual efforts, and eliminating the need to send emails back and forth.
  • Making decisions on data-driven insights and talent analytics: Capgemini Engineering collaborated with iMocha's dedicated customer success manager to develop an effective hiring process and evaluate it regularly through the platform, which covered a variety of analytics, feature upgrades, and future hiring plans.
  • Fostering a culture of Diversity and Inclusion: Capgemini Engineering is an equal opportunity employer committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture. With iMocha's skills assessment solution, Capgemini Engineering became well-equipped to assess technical skills fairly and hire a diverse workforce without biases.

The Results:

40% reduced hiring time

with iMocha’s assessment scorecard-based approach to screen, shortlist, and interview job candidates.

Enhanced recruitment experience for candidates

from the comfort of their homes and at a time that is convenient for them  

Quality assessments

with iMocha’s comprehensive assessment library for the latest technologies leveraging the expertise of a vast team of subject matter experts

Solution provided

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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