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Clarion Technologies is a leading technology solutions provider specializing in web, mobile and technology services. Since 2000, they have been creating innovation solutions for world’s small and medium enterprises, as well as for pioneering start-ups.

They have served more than thousand clients across North America and Europe. Clarion Technologies focuses on targeted solutions towards next generation web technologies in the fields of Manufacturing, BFSI, Education, Construction, Healthcare, Telecomm, Media and Retail industries.

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Challenges Faced

To hire the best talent for different job roles through lateral hiring. Clarion Technologies was looking for experienced senior as well as mid-level experts skilled at Azure, Node JS, React Native, and iOS.

  • Shortlisting the best talent
  • Creating job-targeted assessments

While resume screening is among the primary steps in hiring, it is seldom fruitful in capturing candidates who actually meet job requirements. Moreover, manual one-to-one interviews are always time consuming and may not always reflect candidates’ potential to create the desired dent.

Clarion Technologies was struggling to source candidates who are not just skilled on paper but also in practice. Their clients were not satisfied with the candidates delivered to them, sighting incompetency of candidates in meeting skills’ requirements. For example, candidate hired for coding was not sufficiently skilled at it. This needed to be resolved soon.

Clarion Technologies was looking for a suitable skill assessment platform that not only brings apt questions on the table, but also offers the liberty to add own questions.

Assessments that captured questions on primary as well as role-specific skills were required.

They needed to identify best-in-class talent quickly.

iMocha enabled a quick shortlisting process to onboard the most relevant candidates for 108 different job roles. Clarion Technologies appreciated iMocha for offering the following features, which helped to streamline the hiring process:

Customizable tests: From adding own questions to formatting critical and minute details, such as time limit on questions, iMocha offered quite the liberty to Clarion Technologies to present intended challenges to their candidates. They were able to incline assessments to 108 different job role requirements.

Test Report Analytics: Test Report Analytics were readily available for quick analysis and relevant insights. Clarion Technologies instantly picked out the cream candidates by underpinning their decisions on test report insights generated by iMocha.

Power BI: This feature of Power Business Intelligence enabled the app administrator from Clarion Technologies to view real time activities of all sub-users having access to the app platform.

The Results:

Currently, Clarion Technologies is perceived as a 98% success rate organization. Having onboarded the best talent, on paper and in practice, Clarion Technologies has rated iMocha a 9 out of 10.

  • Clarion Technologies was able to reflect the demand of their organization in all 108 different assessments, by leveraging the flexibility to add own questions and set time limits.
  • They were able to save a lot of time, especially at the interview stage. Their time was utilized in interviewing only the brightest among those who attempted the assessment.
  • With an all-time approachable and responsive Customer Success assistance, Clarion Technologies was able to complete and roll out assessments at a speedy pace.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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