How Metro Services Inc hired skill-fit Data Scientists using iMocha NextGen Skill assessments

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iMocha-shortlisted candidates given final offer


Tests completed to appeared


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


11-50 employees



  • Lack of specialized candidates with relevant skills
  • Lack of Standard and Objective Assessments
  • Readily available job-role specific tests
  • Detailed Test Analytics

About Metro Services Inc

Having started their journey as a mechanical/electrical based services and installation company in 1988, Metro Services Inc. strives to serve across variegated sectors. Its primary business deals in world-wide combustion services, regional HVAC, and solar services. They work towards perfecting solar installations, fabrication and installation of custom solar racking, utilization of 3D Cad drawings and engineering for commercial solar and combustion installations.


Amid the rush into digitization alongside industrial challenges, Metro Services Inc was looking to hire candidates possessing next gen skills via lateral recruitment.

Lack of specialized candidates with relevant skills

While trying to formulate a process to attract the best talent in specialized non-technical roles, Metro Services wanted to ensure that their assessment be aligned with unique industry requirements such as Six Sigma.

Lack of Standard and Objective Assessments

Metro Services Inc was keen on creating standard and objective assessments that could enable a quick review process without any biases.

The Solution

iMocha's platform was able to amalgamate the knowledge of target industry experts with the demand of next gen skills, to create best-in-class content in assessments.

  • Readily available Job Role Tests were meeting the requirement for all non-tech specialized roles that Metro Services Inc was looking for.
  • Detailed and consolidated Test Analytics made the task of comparing and shortlisting candidates very quick and easy.

The Result

  • Accurate and Relevant Questions: With a preciseness of 75%, iMocha’s questions addressed the skill requirement very effectively. This resulted in impressive performance of 100% of the iMocha-shortlised candidates at interview stage, who were all extended final offer as well.
  • Reliable and Comprehensive Test Analytics: Zooming into the most intricate insights on candidate performance at the assessment stage itself, cut time expended at interview stage by 50%.
  • Easy User-Interface and an exceptional Customer Success support: Metro Services Inc witnessed an increase in ease of hiring along with cost cut of 50%

The above features along with iMocha’s Ready Job Role Tests have improved Metro Services Inc’s confidence in their candidates’ skills significantly

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