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Kanaka Software screens Freshers skilled in programming with 91% higher efficiency

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Higher Screening Efficiency


Test completion rate among candidates who appeared for the test


Software Development





  • Shifting from walk-in drives to post-pandemic virtual hiring
  • Preventing cheating during assessments attempted remotely
  • Cost and time intensive physical hiring process

About The Company

Kanaka Software is an Outsourced Product Development organization based in Pune, India. They strive to build successful software products with a blend of cutting-edge technology and talented mindsets. By addressing challenges in the areas of Technology, Quality, Scalability, Timeline, Processes, they work to create most efficient solutions. They have been building software products for clients across the US, Europe, Middle East, South African region in addition to India.


“Customisation is really good because it offers multiple ways of setting up the test, whether MCQ or coding questions, along with the technology which is used in creating tests. It does offer me a lot of flexibility.
iMocha suits our ways or working, shortlisting and the recruitment process far better than other platforms.“

- Niranjan Aradhye,
HR Head at Kanaka Software


For a fresher-heavy company which believes in ”Employee-First" values, Kanaka Software was looking for a reliable first round of screening, to use as rejection criteria in their quest for freshers having a strong background in basic programming skills.

The Solution

An Artificially Intelligent platform to automate the complete screening process was deployed to meet hiring challenges of the company.

Kanaka Software follows a very stringent rejection process. They intend to invest extensively in training and retaining their employees, average age of an employee in the company being 5 years. So, it was very critical to ensure that only those freshers who are truly equipped with the basic know-how of programming were being onboarded.

With iMocha’s assessments, Kanaka was able to eliminate a huge chunk of candidates falling below a certain level of skills-qualification, at the very beginning itself. Competitive content to test basic knowledge effectively was integrated to ensure alignment between job role and assessment questions.

This then enabled the company to focus their interviews only on a minimal number of quality candidates. Resources such as human effort, cost, and time, could thereafter be streamlined to meet project goals efficiently. Such shifts in the hiring infrastructure created impact on the effectiveness with which the primary business of software development was being driven.

Results with iMocha

  • Post pandemic hiring was achieved without compromise on integrity of assessments
  • Better project deliveries due to high quality of hire
  • Data-driven evaluation concluded in much less time with much less resources

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