Altran Portugal reduces Interview time by 40% with iMocha

Altran Portugal reduces Interview time by 40% with
  • Resumes per year

    Resumes per year

  • Candidates appeared for the  assessments

    Candidates appeared for the assessments

  • Completed the assessments

    Completed the assessments

  • Advanced to the Interview round

    Advanced to the Interview round

  • Interview time saved

    Interview time saved


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About Altran Portugal

Altran Portugal is a global leader in Engineering, R&D services and Information Technology Services since its inception over 30 years ago. With a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, Altran Portugal has been providing unparalleled value proposition to clients across varied industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, finance, life sciences, railway, and telecommunications. Altran Portugal works alongside clients, from initial concept through industrialization, to invent the products and services of tomorrow.

“Finding quality talent is a challenge more so when you consider the sheer number of resumes we get each year. To top this, the time we spent on our recruitment process was humongous. iMocha helped us to cut down on our candidate filtration time by 40%, making it our preferred assessment tool.”
Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager, Altran-Portugal
Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager, Altran-Portugal


  • Looking beyond resumes:

    The first introduction of candidates to their future employer is the resume. Since all job posts at Altran Portugal elicit a large number of resumes, it posed a problem of plenty. Measuring the candidate’s technical knowledge based on their resumes was a huge task unless each one was interviewed individually. As a result, resumes were sifted on the basis of educational background, work experience, and top-tier colleges. This resulted in missing out on quality candidates from lesser known backgrounds.

  • Creating a well-defined assessment process:

    Altran Portugal being the leader in innovation, wanted a data-driven recruitment process. Altran Portugal looked to create an assessment process which would assist in weeding out irrelevant candidates in the first phase.

  • Recruiting efficiency:

    Altran Portugal wanted an assessment tool that was easy to use, flexible, and minimized the time & efforts of its recruitment teams. They were looking at an assessment platform to facilitate collaboration among its recruiters and hiring managers. In addition, Altran Portugal was also keen that the staffing agencies working for them be able to use the assessment tool.


  • Matching the right candidates to the jobs irrespective of biases:

    iMocha’s assessments allowed Altran Portugal to determine the candidate’s knowledge and skills vis-a-vis the job role. This ensured that the hired candidates were proficient in the skills stated on their resumes. Altran Portugal could also now look at quality candidates from diverse backgrounds and not rely only on the clichéd parameters.

  • Customizing assessments:

    Partnering with iMocha provided Altran Portugal the flexibility to create and customize their assessment process. Flexibility to choose multiple question types such as MCQ, MAQ, True or False and various ready simulators such as Coding simulators, Audio/video questions, whiteboarding questions etc enables Altran Portugal to create assessments for varied job roles that suited them the best.

  • Reducing the hiring time:

    With a well-oiled recruitment process in place, the hiring time was cut by half. This also reduced the administrative costs associated with the entire process whilst filtering out irrelevant candidates in the initial stages.

  • Improving collaboration for the recruiting team:

    iMocha’s super easy to use software enabled better collaboration within the recruiting team. It saved the hassle of sending emails back and forth, as candidate assessment reports could be easily shared with team members within the software.

  • Providing insights:

    iMocha’s customer success manager assisted Altran Portugal in establishing an effective hiring process and analyzing that process via monthly calls. These calls focus on various analytics, product updates, and hiring road map.

  • Hiring a diverse workforce:

    Altran Portugal is a great employer which believes that lack of diversity is detrimental to the current engineering landscape and that diverse teams are proven to be more effective. iMocha assessments helped Altran Portugal in hiring a diverse workforce without any biases. They are now well equipped to assess fairly and hire candidates based on skills instead of background and resume.

Result with iMocha

  • Improved quality of hire:

    Altran Portugal has assessed 5000+ candidates in the past two years. Every potential candidate has to get through three assessments; French, English, and a technical assessment pertaining to the job role. iMocha has helped Altran Portugal find top quality candidates through its quality assessments.

  • 45% reduction in hiring costs:

    Altran Portugal has managed to reduce its hiring costs by almost 45%. With iMocha’s remote assessments, the need to get candidates to travel to their office was eliminated, resulting in the saving of money and time.

  • 40% reduced hiring time:

    Every candidate at Altran Portugal has to appear for three assessments created by Altran Portugal. Depending on their score, the candidate is then filtered to the next level. The staffing agencies working for Altran Portugal also follow the same process. The recruiting team focuses only on interviewing relevant candidates, thus saving a huge amount of time.

  • Improved candidate experience:

    Candidates can attempt the assessments from the comfort of their homes at a time that is convenient for them. This has helped enhance candidate experience. Candidates are able to perform best without the stress of traveling for the assessment.

  • Reliable assessments creation partner:

    iMocha’s comprehensive assessment library provided quality assessments for the latest technologies. With the expertise of subject matter experts, creating questions was possible.

The next step

  • Moving worldwide:

    Altran Portugal is partnering with iMocha in Portugal and Switzerland, and are looking at replicating the same success worldwide.

  • After better candidate assessment, expanding to better employee assessment, too:

    Besides candidate assessments, Altran Portugal is in the process of utilizing iMocha for employee assessments as well.