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Capgemini hired top data scientists in 4 days

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Altran- Portugal reduces Interview time by 40%

Read how Altran Portugal cut down on their candidate filtration time and streamlined their hiring process.

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Capgemini partnered with iMocha & Chegg to shortlist 20+ developers from leading universities

Read how Capgemini partnered with iMocha to hire top talent

A leading US based CDN company met its diversity & inclusion goals for their training academy

Read how a top company assessed candidates from various backgrounds and experience without bias

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IT Consulting & Services

Hexaware is working towards Up-skilling & Cross-skilling With iMocha

Read how Hexaware rolled out digital transformation program for its employees

The largest Swedish telecom company created a competency meter for RPA

Read how the company optimized resource management and eliminated biases.

Fujitsu minimized 50% dependency on the Technical evaluation team

Read how Fujitsu saved the time of their key resources and scaled hiring

Technology Companies

Nice saves 65% interview time with iMocha solution        

Read how Nice implemented the iMocha solution to interview only relevant candidates.                              

Coupa leverages iMocha to hire 92 candidates in a year

Read how Coupa reduced their hiring timeline with automated skills assessment.                                 

Avaya’s Successful campus recruitment drive              

Read how Avaya’s campus assessment drive assessed a total of 123 candidates in just 2 hours.

Public Sector Organizations

World Food Programme reduced 40% hiring time with iMocha

Read how WFP shortlisted 155+ candidates remotely using iMocha                                                            

An global humanitarian organization adopted remote hiring with iMocha

Read how a world organization hired 200+ candidates remote hiring using online assessments

WFP saved 40% time-to-hire with iMocha's online proctored skill tests

Read how World Food Programme is meeting hiring goals with 40% time saved across 4 locations

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