On-demand webinar: What recruiters need to build & foster an inclusive workforce

What you’ll learn:
  • A deep-dive into diversity, equality, and inclusion in the modern workplace
  • How to source a diverse pipeline
  • Pitfalls companies need to avoid
  • Metrics you should be monitoring

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Diversity and inclusion are essential factors that contribute to an organization’s innovation, creativity and growth. According to McKinsey, racially and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to have higher financial returns.

As the gate-keepers of the organization, recruiters and talent acquisition professionals play a critical role in driving and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies throughout the recruitment process.

Uncover how to incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies into your recruitment with our panel:


Damon Gatison,

Associate Partner,Synpulse Management Consulting


Val Kirilova,

Co-Founder and COO,
Spartoi Group


Bradford Charles Wilkins,

VP-People, Collibra

What people have said about previous Webinars
Great experience. The webinar covered relevant topics and quick actionables.
Always great to get a new perspective to common challenges we face. Looking forward to the upcoming webinars.
So many tips and takeaways in just under an hour. And, loved the resources received after – especially the checklists and the remote hiring guide!