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Where can you apply RPA?

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Apart from a very prominent user of RPA, the BFSI, other industries such as Healthcare, IT & ITES, Call Centers, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Procurement, Accounting, and Human Resources are reaping handsome benefits of RPA adoption.

Some applications we can state here as an example are,

  1. Invoice processing as by combining OCR software with RPA technology, one can extract all the fields and values from a scanned invoice. The software robot will then start a session to the business application, input all previously read values, and save it for further processing. Exceptions can be automatically redirected to a supervisor like VAT mismatch.
  2. Performing data entry, compliance regulations, statement processing, balance sheets, etc.
  3. Managing claims processing and policy quotes, through to updates to underwriting and payouts
  4. Handling large volumes of patients' sensitive data while providing more detailed insights into patients' histories and digitization of patient data.
  5. Streamlining order management, optimizing order distribution cycles, and linking external supply chain applications to internal tools
  6. Managing standard administrative processes such as debt recovery, data integration, and security, as well as customer service
  7. Registering orders in business applications and notifying the relevant parties
  8. Creating support tickets based on customer emails by extracting information from the emails
  9. Ability to provide automatic answers to specific questions regarding purchase orders or returns or exchanges etc.
  10. Entering customers and contacts in the CRM software
  11. Verify induction prerequisites processing for new employees. When an exception occurs, the process will notify the hiring manager for a decision or call to action.

Any industry using computers for any small or large aspect of operations will benefit tremendously from the speed, accuracy, efficiency, and overall dependability of RPA.