Navigating the AI Era:

A Comprehensive Approach to Candidate Evaluation of Hard and Soft Skills

Enterprises that have adopted
Skills are evolving, candidate evaluation needs to evolve too!

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The Navigating the AI Era whitepaper by iMocha, created in partnership with Bryq, explores changes in skills trends and a framework for navigating the talent landscape in the AI era.

This whitepaper delves deep into the soft and hard skills of the past and how skills-based evaluations are becoming mainstream for contemporary workforce.

In this Whitepaper we joined forces with Bryq to create a skills and talent intelligence-based framework to tackle candidate evaluation challenges in the AI era.
AI is changing things fast. You as an employee or a talent leader,need to do more than just keep up – you need to be one step ahead. Our new report, ‘Skill Up With AI: The Ultimate Guide For Mastering AI Skills’, helps you understand these changes.

Find out which skills will help you move forward in the world of AI,
change industries, and shape the future.

In our report, you will:

See how AI is changing different jobs and what skills you need to compete.

Learn about the top jobs of the future and how to get them.

Find out why focusing on skills is important for success in the AI world and beyond.

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