Skills-First Transformation:

A new approach to unlocking talent potential

Enterprises that have adopted
“Skills-First Transformation” in the last 3 years have 2x higher revenue growth in comparison to their non-Skills-First peer group!

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1 in 2 organizations in select geographies are in the process of implementing “Skills-First Transformation”!

The Skills-First Transformation report by iMocha, in collaboration with EY, offers an in-depth research-based analysis of the adoption of Skills-First approach to Talent Acquisition and Talent Management across the US, Europe, Middle East, India, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

In this latest report, you will find answers to the “when and how” of realizing Skills-First transformation. It is based on in depth interviews and surveys among 560 senior HR leaders and employees to get a holistic view of what it takes to implement a Skills-First approach and the value they are deriving from it.

In this report you will learn about,

  • How to identify and nurture “power-user” talent?
  • What it takes to build skills taxonomy, ontology and skills-inventory?
  • What is Skills Intelligence and how to derive value from it?
  • What are the typical challenges in a “Skills-First” transformation journey?
  • Case studies and business benefits based on “Skills-First” transformation leaders

The Tech Skills Transformation report by iMocha, created in partnership with EY, offers an in-depth research-based analysis of the impact of technological innovation on job roles.

This report examines the in-demand tech skills across IT, Telecom, and BFSI industries by 2025, the impact of skills transformation, and how organizations can be prepared for this change.

To develop a perspective on the skills transformation, we spoke to 50 HR leaders including CHROs, Heads of Talent Acquisition, and Heads of Talent Development along with secondary market data providing skills data.

Key takeaways

Prevalence of
Skills-First Transformation (SFT)

7 out of 10 companies in the US and APAC are on the “Skills-First” transformation journey.

Skills-First Transformation (SFT) Leaders

Telecom, Tech and IT industries are adopting “Skills-First” at a much faster clip than other industries.

Value realization from
“Skills-First” transformation

Skills-First Transformation focused companies had ~2x higher revenue growth rates compared to non-SFT-focused companies over the past three years.

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