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The RPA Job Market Scenario

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The RPA Job Market Scenario

The growing adoption of RPA in all industries opens plenty of RPA job opportunities for multiple job roles in RPA. At the same time, RPA opportunities are not only limited to technologists. The business analysts and others with the ability to analyze business processes and recognize how they can be automated can learn to produce bots themselves or write up the requirements for an RPA developer to work on.

The RPA job marketer has several roles; Solutions Architect, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Process SME, RPA Developer, RPA Tester, Bot Orchestrator, to name just a few. Many companies prefer all-rounders who have delivery and hands-on experience with one or more RPA tools and a few years' experience. They assess if the candidates have a relevant aptitude and are trained to evaluate, analyze, and optimize each business process that needs automation. However, RPA is a relatively new field, and an RPA expert will often have less than five years' experience. This increases the chance for new entrants with related skill sets to grab the RPA job opportunities with the necessary RPA certifications.

A UK based Information Services Group (ISG) recently stated that they are creating thousands of new RPA jobs and Robotics jobs soon. The positions available will include Automation Analyst, Automation Consultant, RPA Lead, RPA Analyst, and Head of Automation.

Moreover, to concur with the current trend, the findings from the State of RPA Developer Report 2020 released by UiPath are good news for RPA aspirants. The survey-based on a group of 1,500 RPA professions around the world stated that "70% of RPA professionals say their organization will hire more developers in 2021, and 84% agree that their job as an RPA developer will have a positive impact on their next career move."