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What is campus recruitment?

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Let's start with the basics and understand what the campus hiring process entails. Here are a few of its defining characteristics:

  • Recruitment plan in motion: At its core, you can think of campus hiring strategy as a step-by-step formalized plan to identify the right colleges/universities, build a strong recruitment team, organize engagement initiatives, screen and interview ideal candidates for internships and entry-level job positions, and ultimately hire the best talent to build a strong talent pipeline within the organization.
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  • Interaction is key: Companies interact with university students and graduates for internships and full-time roles.
  • Employs diverse mediums and platforms: A robust campus recruitment plan embraces various mediums (think: campus career fairs, workshops, educational sessions, social media posts, on-campus interviews, interactive microsites, and so on).
  • Brand recognition and resources are important: Campus recruitment factors in an organization's brand awareness as well as resources. Businesses from all walks of life--from finance and consulting to manufacturing and engineering--engage in campus recruitment initiatives depending on their needs.

The learning:

Your campus hiring strategy, when done right, emerges as a win-win-win scenario for the employer, the university, and the candidate. The employer can benefit from sourcing the right talent, the candidate benefits from landing a stellar job, and the university benefits from positive word-of-mouth publicity--owing to a personalized campus hiring process.