RPA Interview Questions to ask while hiring Professionals

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Tech Recruiters need to understand that while RPA is a software category, excellent programming skills aren't a must. It is natural for candidates from other roles, such as business analysts or project managers, to apply for RPA jobs. But technical know-how is still a good-to-have item on the list. Critical thinking and relationship management skills are equally important in an RPA professional's journey; hence it is essential to analyze the candidates.

Some of the RPA Interview questions tech recruiters can ask the aspiring candidates are,

  • For a given business challenge, is the best solution desktop/attended RPA or unattended RPA?
  • What is the relationship between RPA and AI?
  • How do you think RPA will impact company resources (operationally, employee, and from a revenue standpoint)?
  • Describe your understanding of, and experience with, process management.
  • Can you provide examples of where RPA was used for scalability?

The RPA interview questions will be a combination of technology, governance, and change management. As RPA intersects with multiple business processes across the organization, it will make sense not to treat the interview just as a technical interview.

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