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The State of Data Science Industry

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While the term ‘Data Scientist’ came into existence around 2008, the industry started gaining momentum in 2010. It was coined by D.J. Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher, then the respective leads of data and analytics efforts at LinkedIn and Facebook. In 2012, Harvard Business Review declared Data Scientist to be the 'sexiest' job of the 21st century. Professionals started rooting for data science as the field of work right after; even the demand for data scientists amongst organizations skyrocketed after this declaration.

Today in 2020, it is still believed to be up-and-coming domain, applications of data science are not limited. In fact, according to a report seeking inputs on developer skills, data scientists make up only 2% of the tech talent pool. But more than 1 in 4 may be looking for work right now. These numbers are rising since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Glassdoor listed Data Scientist as the #1 job in America in 2020, making it valuable and popular in all industries. According to another report on developer's skills, the data science talent is most concentrated in the United States at 30.1%, followed by India at 23.7%, Brazil at 5.4%, and the UK at 2.7%. But they're also well distributed across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Likewise, the demand for data science skills is the most in the United States, followed by Europe, UK, Canada, China, and India, with the hiring industries being IT, e-commerce, BFSI, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.