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Which are the prominent RPA tools you should know about?

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According to both Forrester Research and Gartner, the list of vendors that compete in the RPA software market is quite long. However, the leaders are Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Blue Prism, followed by Peg systems and Work Fusion as strong performers in the RPA market.

The RPA tools developed by these companies are the software through which one can configure tasks that need to be automated. Depending on the company's requirement, they can choose one from the below list that meets their objectives of RPA:

  • Blue prism - It is user-friendly, scalable, and easy to set up and offers a high-security level. It supports several languages besides English and integrates easily with third-party tools.

  • Automation Anywhere - It is ahead of other RPA vendors in providing a bot store for partners. It has been named a leader in the 2018 Forrester Wave: Robotic Process Automation Q2 2018 report by Forrester.

  • UiPath - UiPath offers enterprise-grade security and auditing and role-based access control with encryptions. It has hundreds of built-in, customizable, and shareable activities, as well as deep integrations with ERP, BPM, and AI technologies.

  • AutomationEdge - It is an integrated automation platform to provide RPA, IT Process Automation solution with Artificial Intelligence, iPaaS, Machine Learning, Chatbot, ETL capabilities. It saves significant development time by providing drag and drop workflow development UI and enabling plug-n-play automation by developing and offering 400+ ready bots.

  • Workfusion - It is a complete automation solution for global operations, combining business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), workforce orchestration, and machine learning-powered cognitive automation into one platform. It is the new way to fill data gaps, manage seasonal spikes, and source "long tail" announcements securely, accurately, and at 50% of the cost of any in-house or outsourcing solution.

  • Pega - It is a fast, low-risk starting point for automating processes that rely on outdated legacy systems. It adds the ability to automate tasks using the user interface of existing applications. It can help speed up manual tasks by automating user actions.

  • Redwood - It offers unparalleled flexibility with a network of services, making it easier to build extensive robotic processes in the fastest time, with hardly any development costs.

  • OpenSpan - It provides the most innovative ways of obtaining process analytics, optimization, and its associated automation solutions. Being a part of the Pegasystems, OpenSpan is an automation tool that works on creation, application integration, and automating projects.

These are the most widely used RPA tools available in the market today, also worth learning for RPA career aspirants based on the job roles they are looking to excel into