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iMocha 2022 Recruitment Trends Report

Discover how forward-thinking organizations are evolving and redesigning work, and what the emerging trends of 2022 are.

The Most Comprehensive Learning and Development Guide

L & D is a crucial aspect of human resource to develop employee engagement and productivity in the organization. Check out our ultimate guide to L & D

Campus Recruitment Guide

We've simplified campus recruitment for you! In this guide, we cover innovative campus recruitment strategies, dos and don'ts, campus recruitment software you need, and a number of actionable points for you. This guide is sure to help you ace any campus recruitment drive.

The iMocha Guide to Cognitive Ability Assessment

Learn how you can identify high-potential candidates using cognitive ability assessments. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create tests for each role, the benefits of cognitive assessments, free practice interview questions, and more!

Remote Hiring Guide

We’ve simplified remote hiring for you! Learn how to establish the process, what an ideal remote hiring process is, and how you can create a perfect remote work culture. Read more, or download our guide to get a bonus cheat sheet!

Why IT Companies are transforming the way they hire!

Learn about what transformation means in the world of HR. Why and how can organizations truly transform how they hire, train, manage, empower and engage the approach for recruiting in-demand technical and non-technical talent.

Pre-employment testing- The Ultimate Guide

Here’s everything you’ll need to understand pre-employment testing. Learn how you can create objective, bias-free tests for candidates, what benefits you’ll have, and more.

5 ways of improving Customer Excellence for IT services companies

The customer service team is often the face of the company. Learn why customer excellence is much more than just a support function, the best-kept ways to improve customer excellence, and how to find the best-fit candidates for your teams in this comprehensive guide.

What Your Recruiting Team Must Know To Ace Digital Transformation 2.0

Take your hiring process to the next level, create the ultimate digital recruitment plan, and execute your transformation ideas. This guide will light the way to a future-proof hiring process to ace digital transformation 2.0.

Recruiter’s Guide to Hire SQL Developer

We’re letting the secrets out! Learn how and where to find the best-fit SQL developers for your team, you’ll also find all the neat tricks that help you reduce time-to-hire in technical roles.

How Cognitive Ability Impacts Job Performance

We spoke to over 100 organizations to learn how exactly cognitive ability testing is helping them land better-suited candidates for roles. Read the detailed study guide on the correlation between cognitive ability and job performance to know more.

Hiring Trends Report 2021

Stay up-to-date with hiring trends with the iMocha hiring trends report. Read on to understand the key observations of 2021 and learn what helped top companies thrive during the pandemic, the best measures, and more.

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Robotic Process Automation Professionals

Robotic Process Automation is all the rage lately. Learn what robotic process automation is, the latest RPA tools, and the best methods to hire RPA professionals (with free interview questions).

Everything you need to create a winning Data Science Team

Learn how to speed up the process and find those culture-fit Purple Squirrels every time with a FREE copy of our all-in-one Data Science Recruitment Kit.

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