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Our Google AdWords online test is the ideal pre-hire assessment for recruiters & hiring managers to assess a candidate’s skills objectively before an interview. Google AdWords assessment is useful for hiring PPC experts and has helped our customers reduce hiring cost by 40%. 

About Google Adwords Online Test (now Google Ads)

Google AdWords (now Google Ads) is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users based in part on keywords, predefined by the advertisers that might link the copy to the content of web pages shown to users.  

Google AdWords online test is designed by our Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assess & hire PPC expert as per the industry standards. 

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Test Summary

Using powerful reporting, you can have a detailed analysis of the test results to help you make a better hiring decision and predict the candidate’s performance. The Google AdWords test is designed considering EEOC guidelines, it will help you assess & hire diverse talent without any bias.  
This Google AdWords test enables employers and recruiters to identify & hire PPC experts by evaluating working skills and job readiness. For this reason, the emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience. 

The Google AdWords assessment may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, Audio/Video Questions, AI-LogicBox (AI-based essay evaluation), Job-based Simulations, True or False Questions, etc.    


Test Duration: 20 minutes

No. of Questions: 10

Level of Expertise: Entry Level/Mid/Senior

Useful for hiring

  • Google Adwords Experts
  • Google Adwords Specialist
  • Google Adwords Account Manager
  • PPC Expert
  • PPC Consultant

Topics Covered

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Google Ads account setup

iMocha’s Google AdWords online test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidate’s ability to setup google ads account to promote products and services online  

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Campaign structure

This test assesses candidate’s knowledge about ad campaign structure which allows to control ads when and where to appear  

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Campaign settings

Our test helps in evaluating candidate’s understanding about ads campaign settings which helps to control money spent on clicks by optimizing ads campaign  

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Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This Google AdWords assessment evaluates candidate’s knowledge about Click-Through Rate which is a ratio of people who click on an ad  

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Cost-per-Click (CPC)

Our test assesses candidate’s understanding about Cost-per-Click (CPC) which is a cost that is paid for each click on an ad   

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Viewable Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

This Google AdWords test helps recruiters to evaluate candidate's knowledge about Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) by which advertisers pay for price per thousand ads served  

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Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

iMocha’s Google AdWords test assesses candidate’s knowledge about Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) which is a metric used to calculate cost for acquiring a customer on the campaign  

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Keyword analysis

This test helps in assessment of candidate’s knowledge about keywords analysis process or search phrases analysis that analyzes keywords to get traffic for a website  

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Negative keyword analysis

This test assesses candidate’s understanding about negative keywords analysis which prevents ads being displayed for a keyword  

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Landing page analysis

Our test evaluates candidate’s proficiency in analyzing factors affecting landing page performance and steps to improving it  

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Conversion analysis Text Ads

This test helps in assessment of candidate’s ability to analyze conversions made by text ads 

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 Conversion Analysis Display Ads

This test helps recruiters to evaluate candidate’s ability to track and analyze conversion made by visually engaging display ads  

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Remarketing (also known as retargeting)

Our test helps in evaluating candidate’s ability to run customized remarketing campaigns to those people who have already visited or took an action on a site 

Sample Questions

Choose from our 100,000+ question library or add your own questions to make powerful custom tests

Question types:

Multiple Option





Q 1. How long should advertisers wait after creating a new display campaign before analyzing its performance?
1 month
2-3 days
1 week
2-3 weeks

Question types:

Multiple Option





Q 2. When reviewing her display campaign, Gina sees that there are spikes in traffic to her site on weekdays from 10am to 1 pm. With this data, which would help optimize her campaign?
Frequency Capping
IP Exclusion
Ad Rotation
Ad Scheduling

Question types:

Multiple Option





Q 3. An advertiser using cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding wants to maximize exposure on a specific set of sites that have been selected for a new campaign. Which is a best practice that this advertiser should employ when setting up the new campaign?
Choose websites that represent a variety of themes.
Create a campaign for each website.
Set individual bids for each website selected
Set bids at the ad group or campaign levels.

Sample Report

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