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Express JS Test

iMocha’s Express.JS test is the ideal pre-hire test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates objectively. This test is apt for hiring job-fit candidates for roles like Express.JS Developer. Our Express JS online test has helped our customers to reduce their hiring time by 45% and increase interview-to-selection ratio by 62%.

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Express JS Online Assessment

Express.JS test helps recruiters and hiring managers to effectively assess the skills of  Express JS developers before an interview. Express.JS or simply Express is a web application that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications. It is an open-source framework developed and maintained by the Node.js foundation. This Express.JS skills assessment test is designed to check the development and programming skills of Express JS Developer  as per industry standards.

Express.JS test is designed by subject matter experts (SMEs) to gauge the knowledge of Express JS consultant and developers about Express JS web application framework for Node.JS before hiring. Using powerful reporting, you can have a detailed analysis of the test results and make  better hiring decisions.

Two important use cases for Express.JS skill test

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

You can create customized skill assessments for any given job role. Using this feature, you can choose questions from different skill types, including functional, technical, and soft skills. For example, with our customized Express.js skills assessment test, you can evaluate candidates’ knowledge of Express JS Basics, Form Data, Servers and Ports Template Engine, Local Storage, ES6 and Logic, and more, to assess the best-fit candidate for the role.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

iMocha allows you to measure employees' skill competency through Express.JS tests. It determines the existing skill level and identifies the areas for growth. It also measures the knowledge and impact of the training and traces individual employees’ progress. For example, you can use our Express.JS skills assessment test to identify a consultant’s knowledge about ES6 that makes codes readable and adds functionality, building API and routing, and other skills, and perform skills gap analysis.

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How it works

Test Summary

This Express.JS test enables employers and recruiters to identify and hire Express JS developer by evaluating working skills and job readiness. With this Express.js skills assessment test, hiring managers can evaluate candidate’s applied skills through work experience, not just theoretical knowledge.

Test Creation Process

Our Express.JS skills assessment tests will help you assess candidates' specific skills. These questions are created by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on their knowledge and expertise. Example: questions based on Express JS development, Express JS framework, or how to connect database to Express JS will only be created by Express JS specialists.

You can pick questions you like or request us to create more questions if required.

Useful for hiring
  • Express.JS Developer
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Topics Covered

Local Storage

iMocha’s Express.JS skills assessment test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidate’s understanding of LocalStorage that helps to store temporary data in the browser memory.

Form Data

This test check candidate’s knowledge of form data on a website that collects user information.

Express JS Basics

This Express.JS test helps recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidate’s basic knowledge about ExpressJS framework.

Building APIs and Routing

Our test evaluates candidate’s ability to build APIs using ExpressJS and understanding of routing that determines how client requests are handled by the application endpoints.


This test evaluates candidate’s understanding about functions that are set of statements performing a task or calculating a value

Rendering Template

Our Express.JS assessment test gauges candidate’s proficiency in rendering template that shows output in browser.
Sample Question
Choose from our 100,000+ questions library or add your own questions to make powerful custom tests.
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API Application Method/AJAX


Q 1. You sent the following AJAX request:
$.post("/process", {name:'john'}, function(data){
// Do some stuff
What will be the answer from the server?
Note: On the server-side, we have the code given below:

app.post('/process', function(req, res){
var data = '';
data += 'One';
data += 'Two';

' '
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Test Report
You can customize this test by

Setting the difficulty level of the test

Choose easy, medium, or tricky questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

Combining multiple skills into one test

Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment and assess multiple skills together.

Adding your own
questions to the test

Add, edit, or bulk upload your coding, MCQ, and whiteboard questions.

Requesting a tailor-made test

Receive a tailored assessment created by our subject matter experts to ensure adequate screening.
How is Express.js test customized?
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Express.js test is created by subject matter experts (SMEs) based on the difficulty level of the test. You can combine multiple skills into the test, including both technical skills and soft skills, such as communication, aptitude, cognitive abilities, business language, and more. You can also add your own questions, edit the existing questions, or bulk upload coding questions, whiteboarding questions, and MCQs. You can also request tailored Express.JS assessment created by SMEs for effective screening.

What are the certifications required for this role?
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Some of the common certifications required for the role are:

• The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

• NodeJS – The Complete Guide (REST APIs, MVC, Deno, GraphQL)

• Express JS Fundamentals

• Complete Node.js Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery

• Learn Node.js: The Complete Course for Beginners

• Node.js API Mastercalss with Express & MongoDB

What are the most common interview questions for this role?
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Some of the most common interview questions for this role are:

• What is Node.js?

• What is Express.js?

• What is the combined use of Node.js and Express.js?

• What is the use of CLI in Node.js?

• What are the common language that support Node.js?

• What is JavaScript engine?

What are roles and responsibilities of Express JS Developer?
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Some of the roles and responsibilities of Express JS developers are:

• Develop and maintain server-side network components

• Ensure optimal performance of central database with responsiveness to front-end requests

• Collaborate with front-end developers on integration of different elements

• Design customer-facing UI with back-end services for business processes

• Develop high-performance applications through reusable, efficient, and testable code

• Run diagnostic tests, repair defects, and provide technical support

• Document Express.js processes

• Recommend and implement changes

What are the required skillsets of Express JS Developer?
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Some of the requires skillsets of Express JS Developer are:

Hard Skills

• Basic knowledge of Node.js and JavaScript.

• Should be able to develop, deploy, and maintain network applications.

• Extensive knowledge of web stacks, frameworks and libraries is needed.

• Understanding of front-end technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 is always preferable.

• Familiarity with continuous integration and automated testing

Soft Skills

• Communication

• Collaboration

• Interpersonal skills

What is the package of Express JS Developer?
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On an average, Express JS developer salary ranges from $88K per year to $117K per year. The salary is on the higher side because of the increasing demand for Express JS developers.