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Clerical Test (Bookkeeping)
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Clerical Test (Bookkeeping)

iMocha’s clerical aptitude test enables recruiters and hiring managers to hire job-fit candidate within a short period and take unbiased decision. This test is useful for hiring clerical bookkeepers. Our clerical test has helped our customers to reduce hiring cost by 45%.

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Clerical Bookkeeping Test Assessment

The bookkeeping clerk maintains financial records. They record information using accounting software, ledgers or journals and ensure that the records are error free, the documentation is in place, and all data/records are properly classified.

Key skills required:

  • Accounting Knowledge
  • Oral and Reading Comprehension: Verbal Ability, and Verbal Reasoning
  • Numeric Ability: Quantitative Aptitude, Number Series, and Numerical Reasoning

Explore these essential Bookkeeper skills here, which are crucial for attaining proficiency and excelling in the role.

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Test Summary


Verbal ability is essential because grammar and vocabulary is a prerequisite for good spoken and written English.


Reading comprehension indicates an ability to comprehend and reason with the concepts on a written page.


Quantitative ability will indicate analytical thinking and problem-solving ability.


The numerical reasoning test measures the ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on numerical data presented in graphs and tables describing different business-related situations.


In Number Series questions, a number series is given and the missing number has to be traced by understanding the logic of the pattern. Number Series is a part of Logical Reasoning type of Aptitude tests. Numerical logic shows an ability to analyze problems and solve them. It shows an ability to logically unearth underlying patterns in data and extrapolate them to arrive at a solution

Test Details: 54 Questions 60 minutes

Verbal Ability - 08 Questions 08 minutes

Verbal Reasoning - 08 Questions 14 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude - 21 Questions 21 minutes

Numerical Reasoning - 04 Questions 04 minutes

Number Series - 08 Questions 08 minutes

Useful for hiring
  • Clerical Bookkeeper
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Topics Covered

Accounting Fundamental

iMocha’s clerical test evaluates a candidate’s understanding about accounting fundamentals such as recording, summarizing, analyzing, and then reporting financial data

Financial Records

This assessment checks a candidate’s knowledge about financial reporting which is a document of financial activities and performance over a period of time




Sample Question
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Cash Flow Statement


Q 1. What is the main reason for a company to prepare a cash flow statement?

To comply with legal requirements.
To show the financial position of the company at the end of a period.
To show the profit or loss of the company for a period.
To show, in a standard format, the sources and uses of cash during a period.
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