Every enterprise has a unique requirement.

Completely customisable services to ensure 100% job-fit assessments

AI-powered digital skills assessments

Talent Process Optimization

  • iMocha’s AI-powered talent optimization analytics help you get deeper insights into your invitation process, test analytics, and candidate experience i.e. before, during, and after your assessment process.
  • This is essential to help you take data-driven decisions at each stage of the process.
talent process optimization
industry benchmarking calibration

Industry Benchmarking and Calibration

  • We work with many clients on a regular basis, assessments are already updated based on these conversations. Customers don’t need to create assessments from scratch.
  • They can leverage our existing repository of highly calibrated assessments that are also benchmarked as per industry standards.

Strategic Consulting

  • We help our clients by meeting on weekly, monthly, QBR basis to create effective assessments, help take data driven decisions on how to best use iMocha for their hiring process.
  • The goals is streamline your hiring process in an effective manner.
strategic consulting

Customers Love iMocha

Our Custom Services

Custom Skill Development

Your preferred skills not available within our 2000+ skill library? We provide the fastest custom test creation process to create an assessment so niche that it perfectly suits your equally niche job role.

Custom Analytics

We understand the importance of data and that some of our clients might have additional needs. We do cater to such needs with custom analytics or in some cases our clients asks us for raw data so that the data analysts on their side can build analytics based on this raw data

Custom API/Integrations

iMocha’s signature 1-click integration allows you to integrate with any application (or third party apps) that is used pre-dominantly in your organisation. We ensure enterprise-class security with single sign on (SSO) and automatic data integration to make your job all the more easier and secure.

Data Cleansing & Migration

We provide Data Migration Services to help you move from your existing Skills Assessment Vendor to us. This includes landscape analysis of your current vendor’s skills assessment platform (if any), data profiling and mapping, configuration mapping, data cleansing and filtering, and data migration.

Leverage our Deep Expertise and Experience

Enterprise Customer Success Managers

  • Our Enterprise Customer Success Managers conduct in- depth analysis into each of your assessments, show you the health and effectiveness of each, and suggest the best ways to improve wherever required.
  • True accountability in every quarterly business review (QBR), monthly business review (MBR), and even weekly business reviews (WBR).
enterprise custome success manager
additional revenue channels

Skills Assessment as a Department

  • Capitalize on our deep expertise and watch the magic unfold as we take care of your end-to-end skill assessment needs.
  • We carry out a detailed analysis of the skills in demand, research every minute details of shared job descriptions, and consult on the best possible assessments that should be created.
  • A possible mix of primary, secondary, and soft skills to ensure thorough assessments of your ideal candidate’s capabilities.

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