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iMocha’s skills assessment consulting equips you with top-quality, customized skills assessments to make better talent acquisition and talent development decisions.
Creating high-quality, calibrated assessments is a challenge

The ‘skill requirements’ of organizations are changing rapidly. Creating in-house assessments is not feasible considering the huge volume. Depending on SMEs or other services does not work because the turn-around time is too high, and the skill assessments are not tailored to your exact needs.

AI-LogicBox allows for coding assessments while eliminating the guesswork that is typical of multiple choice questions

With iMocha you would never have to worry about these challenges. The team works with you to understand your exact requirements and equips you with customized, top-quality, and calibrated skills assessments—all of this with a turnaround time of fewer than three weeks.

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iMocha’s  skills consulting process


The content team gathers your requirement. All the skill assessment related challenges are discussed.


Ideation takes place and the requirement is then prioritized and analyzed.


Based on the analysis, the first level of solution is proposed by the maker. The maker is a subject matter expert, with at least 5 years of experience.


The checker, who is also a subject matter expert, ensures that there are no errors and that assessments are compliant with all the standards such as EEOC.

Final delivery

The feedback from the checker is incorporated and the solution is deployed.


After deployment, the content team analyzes the performance and takes corrective actions if needed.

Closure report

The final report captures the performance of the assessment and further actions are decided.

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"We are delighted to use iMocha for our hiring needs. We have used them for hiring fresh grads as well as senior pros and the depth of assessments and fantastic features have led us to some great talent.”

Lynn Hodak,
Talent Acquisition Manager


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