Skills Assessment Portal

Identify, Measure, and Benchmark Employee Skills to Facilitate Upskilling In The Workplace

MochaUpskill-Skills Assessment Portal
Are you struggling with these challenges?
  • How to ensure employee skills do not become obsolete?
  • How to benchmark employee skills against industry standards?
  • How to conduct competency mapping initiatives alongside your digital upskilling programme?
  • How to identify and map the right person to the right job?
  • How to upskill your workforce and ensure successful digital transformation?
iMochaUpskill - Skills Assessment Portal is designed to ensure companies can efficiently address these challenges
  • Carry out skills gap analysis of all employees

    Carry out skills gap analysis of all employees

  • Benchmark employees against industry or company standards

    Benchmark employees against industry or company standards

  • upskilling talent initiatives

    Conduct upskilling talent initiatives for digital transformation

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How MochaUpskill Portal Works
Employees select preferred skills and take the assessment
Take the assessment
Receive a badge
Receive a badge on successful completion of chosen assessment
Track progress of all the assessments taken in a comprehensive performance report
comprehensive performance report
Report dashboard
Based on the performance report, employers are able to suggest further course of action for the employee, as part of their L&D initiative.
Reasons to choose iMochaUpskill - Skills Assessment Portal

iMochaUpskill - Skills Assessment Portal lets you manage the entire employee upskilling journey from the start to end, with a host of advanced features and skills assessments.

largest skills
World’s largest skills assessment library

1500+ ready assessments, gearing towards 5000 skills within the next 3 years

customize assess
Expertise in content as a service

Request custom creation of niche upcoming skills

assess employee
Enable competency mapping

Assess employees before and after L&D programs

analytics report
Advanced analytics reports

Ensure a complete data-driven decision making process

seamless integration
Seamless integration with your LMS

Ensure a single repository for learning management system

competency mapping
Shareable competency mapping reports

Enable multiple stakeholders to make informed decisions

effective skill quantification
Effective skills quantification

Necessary for certification and e-learning platforms

Benchmark employees with skills gap analysis

Measure how employees stand against company or industry standards

Measure your employee skills and benchmark them against industry standards with iMochaUpskill