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Trusted by 500+ Enterprises

Trusted by 500+ Enterprises

Industry Overview

The talent landscape is shifting dynamically. A Korn Ferry study predicts a staggering $8.5 trillion loss in global revenue by 2030 due to talent shortages and skills gaps.

For L&D managers and workforce planning specialists, this translates into a constant struggle to acquire and manage talent with the right skills and stay competitive.

The Problem?

Traditional job titles no longer accurately reflect the skills needed for success. This makes it difficult to:

  • Design a future-proof job architecture based on skills.
  • Identify the current skill sets within your workforce and pinpoint critical skill gaps.
  • Develop targeted learning programs to bridge those gaps and empower your employees.
  • Make informed decisions about promotions, hiring, and internal talent mobility based on skills.
  • Track the impact of your talent development strategies on key metrics like performance and retention.

The Solution!

iMocha's Skills Ontology can help you overcome these challenges and build a competitive advantage in the skills-driven economy. But before we dive into this let us understand what is a skills ontology?

Build a Future-Proof Workforce with iMocha

iMocha's Skills Ontology is a powerful tool designed to empower you to address the challenges of the changing skills landscape. By taking a skills-first approach, you can build a competitive advantage, optimize talent management, and achieve your strategic business goals.

Towards Skills Ontology

Two dashboard screenshots that represent skills ontology & intelligent skill profile

An ontology is a flexible framework that defines the relationships between concepts. In the context of skills, it creates a comprehensive map connecting business objectives to the specific skills and capabilities required for each job role.

This shift in focus provides unmatched insights into your workforce’s capabilities and helps move away from a reliance on job titles alone.

How iMocha’s Skills Ontology helps with strategic skills management?

iMocha’s skills ontology is a framework designed to help you achieve your specific business objectives, like:

Track the Impact of Your Strategy

iMocha provides insights into how your skills-based transformation is impacting key metrics like performance, retention, and talent mobility.

Identify Skill Gaps and Create Learning Paths

iMocha's Skills LLM technology constantly learns and expands the ontology, ensuring it reflects the evolving skill landscape. This allows you to gain valuable data-driven insights into your workforce's skill sets and create personalized learning paths to address any identified gaps.

Make Data-Driven Talent Decisions

Intelligent Skills Profiles showcase individual employee skill sets, enabling you to make informed decisions about promotions, internal mobility, and hiring based on the skills required for success.

Develop a Dynamic Skills Taxonomy

Our pre-built taxonomies, integrated with popular frameworks like O*NET and Singapore Skills Framework, provide a strong foundation. You can further customize it to perfectly reflect your unique skill landscape and adapt to industry changes with our regular updates (every 90 days).

Move from Job-Based to Skills-Based Architecture

We help you transform traditional job descriptions into detailed skills profiles with proficiency levels, creating a more nuanced understanding of your talent needs.

Contact iMocha today and learn how our Skills Ontology can transform your talent management strategy.
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