Upskilling Assessment Portal

A self-assessment portal that empowers employees to remotely evaluate, track, measure and benchmark their performance as per company standards
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iMocha Upskilling Portal helps ensure thorough competency mapping of employees before and after your training initiatives
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Customers Love iMocha
"Giving our employees the ability to manage their upskilling initiatives via a self-assessment portal was one of the best decisions. We simply nudge them along a path and they are free to decide their own schedule. There has been quite a positive impact on our learning and development initiatives."

- Ericsson

How to Leverage Upskilling Assessment Portal
Measure Upskilling Effectiveness with Organizational Skill Index
  • Carry out skills gap analysis of employees
  • Pre- and post-training assessments to measure training effectiveness
  • Ensure employees conform to a pre-defined set of expectations
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digital transformation
Enable Digital Transformation in the Workplace
  • Initiate upskilling talent initiatives for digital transformation
  • Leverage our library of 50+ digital skills
  • Redefine training paths to create client-ready teams
Ensure thorough digital transformation initiatives by first assessing employee readiness for digital skills necessary in the coming years.
"We wanted candidates who could excel in dealing upfront with the customers and also had great analytical and listening skills. imocha's tests allowed us to evaluate candidates for these parameters and shortlist the best."

- upGrad

Engage Students And Recent Graduates Virtually
  • Award badges on successful completion of assessments
  • Add the top performers in your talent pool for future recruitment needs
iMocha's Upskilling Assessment Portal doubles up as a Self-Assessment Portal for university graduates allowing you to easily connect with the new generation of students and get in more flexibility, transparency, and versatility in the university recruitment drives and/or career fairs.
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