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ServiceNow API & Hard Asset Management Test
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ServiceNow API & Hard Asset Management Test

iMocha's ServiceNow API & Hard Asset Management test is the preferred pre-employment test for recruiters and hiring managers to hire job-fit candidates for roles such as Service Now Operator and Software Engineer – ServiceNow, to name a few. By filtering out irrelevant candidates, the ServiceNow API and Hard Asset Management test can reduce hiring time by 40% and improve the interview-to-selection ratio by 62%.

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ServiceNow API & Hard Asset Management Test

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management application is a licensable application that, on activation, provides advanced workflow, automation, and mobile capabilities to maintain your assets. It helps to simplify and manage the hardware assets, gains visibility through asset lifecycle management, automates the asset lifecycle, and reduces costs. ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management features are hardware normalization, automation, hardware, asset dashboard, and mobile asset inventory audit.

ServiceNow API & Hard Asset Management test has a robust reporting feature that will help you get instant results and an option to share this result with your recruiting team. You can analyze section wise performance of candidates to gauge strengths and weaknesses.

ServiceNow API & Hard Asset Management test has a set of questions to cope with recent technological developments. Moreover, you can add your questions per the job description requirement.

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Test Summary

ServiceNow API & Hardware Management Test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:

  • Good knowledge of GRC (Government, Risk, Compliance) in ServiceNow Hardware Assets
  • Strong experience in Vendor Risk Management (VRM) in ServiceNow
  • Good knowledge and experience of Snow API process
  • Familiarity with HAM processes that help to add user experiences
Useful for hiring
  • ServiceNow Developer
  • ServiceNow API & Hardware Specialist
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In ServiceNow, GRC (Government, Risk, Compliance) have the capabilities that help an organization address uncertainty, act with integrity, and achieve objectives reliably using a risk-aware culture


In ServiceNow, Vendor Risk Management (VRM) gain control over third-party risk with the transformative powers of automated assessments, transparent reports, and consistent remediation

Snow APIs

Snow APIs for ServiceNow make creating the Service Catalog quick and easy, minimizing costly consultancy time and creating a solution that is easy to maintain and adapt to changing IT needs


In ServiceNow, HAM processes accelerate service level agreements for hardware requests or incidents and reduce the downtime that a user in need experiences


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Snow APIs


Q 1. As the knowledge base administrator, you need to limit who from your organization can view an article. How can you restrict access by customizing the knowledge base form ?

System Diagnostics > Stats
System Update Sets > Merge Update Sets
User Criteria > Specify User Roles
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