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iMocha’s telephone etiquette test is the ideal pre-hire test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates objectively. This test is useful for hiring Telephone Operator, Workplace Receptionist, and Telephone etiquette Consultant. Our telephone etiquette assessment test helps to reduce hiring cost by 40% and increase interview-to-selection ratio by 62%.

About Online Telephone Etiquette Test

Telephone etiquette involves the way you use manners to represent yourself and your business to customers via telephone communication. This includes the way you greet a customer, your body language, tone of voice, word choice, listening skills and how you close a call.

Telephone etiquette skill test helps to hire managers and recruiters to find the best suitable candidate by assessing communication skills over a telephone or a mobile phone. Telephone etiquette test questions are designed & validated by Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assess and hire a telephone worker as per the industry standards.

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Test Summary

Telephone Etiquette skill test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:

  • Good listening skills and politeness
  • Charismatic, Creative and have a strong sense of humor
  • Good communication skills
  • Good people and social skills

Telephone etiquette test contains the latest & quality set of scenario-based questions to assess the operating experience of the candidate. Telephone etiquette test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, Logic Box (AI-based Pseudo-Coding Platform), Coding Simulators, True or False Questions, etc.

Test Duration: 15 minutes

No. of Questions: 10

Level of Expertise: Entry/Mid/Expert

Useful for hiring

  • Telephone Operator
  • Workplace Receptionist
  • Telephone etiquette Consultant

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Telephone etiquette

iMocha’s online telephone etiquette test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidate’s understanding about communication rules or etiquette for telephonic conversation

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“As a Talent Acquisition Manager, I observed that my team spent too much time in interviewing irrelevant candidates. So our team created an Aptitude evaluation test called Uneecops Common Aptitude Test (UCAT) with the help of iMocha. Now, we share the test with the candidates & based on the assessment report we were able to filter 170 good candidates from the pool of 300.”

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