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Apache Hadoop YARN Test

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Online Apache Hadoop YARN Assessment Test

Apache Hadoop YARN is the resource management and job scheduling technology in the open-source Hadoop distributed processing framework. YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) is responsible for allocating system resources to the various applications running in a Hadoop cluster and scheduling tasks to be executed on different cluster nodes. It is mainly the prerequisite for Enterprise Hadoop which provides resource management and a central platform to deliver consistent operations, security, and data governance tools across Hadoop clusters.

Apache Hadoop YARN skill test helps recruiters and hiring managers to screen the candidates who have expertise in package management, working with dependencies, linking workspaces. Our Apache Hadoop YARN assessment test is created and validated by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess and hire YARN experts as per industry standards. Apache Hadoop YARN skill test will evaluate a candidate’s practical knowledge and will identify whether the candidate is ready to be employed.

Apache Hadoop YARN online test helps to screen the candidates who possess traits as follows:

1.  Experience with big data software solution      

2.  Expertise in managing the full life-cycle of a Hadoop solution      

3.  Ability to work in a fast-paced agile development environment      

4.  Fundamental knowledge on how to document use cases, solutions, and recommendations      

5.  Ability to articulate the pros and cons of various technologies and platforms

iMocha’s Apache Hadoop YARN assessment test has a unique set of questions. You can also create or ask us to create a customized test that includes questions that are specific to your job requirement.

Our powerful reporting helps you to analyze section wise performance of candidate to gauge his strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can always use our candidate ranking tool to screen the best performing candidate amongst others. Our online Apache Hadoop YARN test offers webcam proctoring to help you identify whether the candidate has used unfair means to take the test. Check out these tests to assess the skills of big data developers using skills assessment tests.

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Useful for hiring
  • Hadoop Developer - YARN
  • Big Data Engineer - YARN
  • Big data Analyst - YARN
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Unlinking packages in YARN

Linking workspaces in YARN


YARN migration


YARN basic aspects


Installing packages with YARN


Creating packages with YARN

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Unlinking packages in Yarn


Q 1. Consider that in the development environment there are 2 directories: bootstrap and bootstrap-extensions.
The bootstrap directory linked within the bootstrap-extensions project.
Based on this, which of the following alternatives unlink the bootstrap package from the bootstrap-extensions package?

cd ../bootstrap-extensions
yarn ln bootstrap --remove
cd ../bootstrap-extensions
yarn unlink bootstrap
cd ../bootstrap-extensions
yarn rm bootstrap
cd ../bootstrap-extensions
yarn unlink bootstrap --remove-dep
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