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Cashier Test

iMocha’s cashier test is the ideal pre-hire test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates objectively. The test is beneficial for hiring Cashiers and has helped customers reduce hiring time by 45% and increase interview to selection ratio by 62%.

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Cashier Aptitude Test Assessment

As the name suggests, a cashier is a person who deals with cash. Many organizations like banks, schools, shops etc. deal with cash transactions, and that's where a cashier becomes significant. A cashier plays a very important role in the field of banking.  

Typically, a cashier:

·      Handles all the cash transaction of anorganization.

·      Receives payment via cash, checks, credit cards,etc.

·      Checks daily cash accounts.

·      Maintains monthly, weekly, and daily report of transactions.

A cashier uses the register, barcode scanner, and other equipment specific to the business.

Key skills required: basic verbal and quantitative skills - Verbal Ability, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Number Series

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Test Summary


Verbal ability is essential because grammar and vocabulary is a prerequisite for good spoken and written English.


Reading comprehension indicates an ability to comprehend and reason with the concepts on a written page.


Quantitative ability will indicate analytical thinking and problem-solving ability.


In "Number Series" questions, a number series is given and the missing number has to be determined by comprehending the logic of the pattern. Number Series fall under the aptitude tests section termed Logical Reasoning. Numerical logic shows an ability to analyze problems and solve them. It shows an ability to logically unearth underlying patterns in data and extrapolate them to arrive at a solution.

The Online Cashier Test Contains: Verbal Ability

  • 16 Questions 16 minutes Verbal Reasoning
  • 08 Questions 14 minutes Quantitative Aptitude
  • 09 Questions 10 minutes Number Series
  • 10 Questions 10 minutes
Useful for hiring
  • Cashier
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Accounting Fundamental

iMocha’s cashier test evaluates a candidate’s understanding of .accounting fundamentals such as recording, summarizing, analyzing, and then reporting financial data

Verbal Reasoning

The test helps to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills effectively.

Verbal Ability

The online cashier test evaluates a candidate’s ability to solve verbal reasoning questions, which helps to assess communication skills effectively with words.

Logical Reasoning

Our cashier test assessment helps to assess a candidate’s ability to solve logical questions or non-verbal questions.


The test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of auditing, which is a practice of maintaining error free accounts.

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Q 1. "The magnificent Redwood trees are some of the largest trees in the world! They are found mostly in northern California where cool temperatures, misty rains, and dense fog allow them to grow.
Redwood Trees can live thousands of years. The oldest of these trees can grow to over 300 feet tall. Some rise higher than the Statue of Liberty! A few are so wide that roads can be built through them.
Redwoods trees are preserved in California's Redwood National Park. Every year, nearly a million visitors come to see the giant trees. Others just like to drive along the 33-mile long Avenue of the Giants, a road that winds through the park and surrounding areas.
Redwood trees grow..."

where it is icy cold.
where it is hot and dry.
where it is cool and misty.
everywhere in the United States.
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