Acquisition Skills Test
Test duration:
40 minutes
No. of questions:
Level of experience:
Entry / Mid / Expert

Acquisition Skills Test

The acquisition skills test helps recruiters & hiring managers assess the candidates' financial skills related to the companies' acquisition process. This assessment helps reduce hiring costs by up to 40%.

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Acquisition Skills Test

The acquisition test for hiring candidates assesses a candidate's ability to acquire and integrate other companies or assets into an organization. It involves evaluating the candidate's skills and knowledge related to due diligence, integration planning and execution, and post-acquisition performance. The test can include a variety of methods, such as behavioral interviews, case studies, or simulations, to evaluate the candidate's acquisition strategy, execution, and performance. It is typically used for hiring candidates for roles such as Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst, Corporate Development Manager, or Business Development Executive. It can help recruiters identify candidates with the necessary skills and experience to plan and execute acquisition activities successfully.

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Test Summary

Acquisition test helps to screen the candidates who possess the following traits:

  • Good understanding of valuation & exchange ratio
  • Good knowledge of acquisition features
  • Hands-on experience in acquisition strategies & criteria  
  • Good knowledge of corporate restructuring

Assessing candidates with our online test is secure and reliable. You can use our role-based access control feature to restrict system access based on the roles of individual users within the recruiting team. Features like window violation and webcam proctoring help detect cheating during the test.  

This test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, AI-LogicBox, Coding Simulations, True or False Questions, etc.    

Test Duration
40 minutes
No. of Questions
Level of Expertise
Entry / Mid / Expert
Useful for hiring
  • Acquisitions Analyst
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst
  • Corporate Development Manager
  • Business Development Manager  

Topics Covered


Recruiters can assess a candidate's ability to value companies through a test that requires them to use various valuation methods, such as discounted cash flow or comparable company analysis, to determine the intrinsic value of a business.

Features of Acquisition

Recruiters can evaluate a candidate's understanding of acquisition features through a test that requires them to describe and compare different types of acquisitions, such as friendly or hostile, and explain the key considerations involved in each.

Acquisition Strategies

This test aids recruiters in assessing a candidate's understanding of acquisition strategies by requiring them to explain and evaluate different strategies for acquiring companies, such as a merger, acquisition, or joint venture.

Acquisition Criteria 

Recruiters can assess a candidate's understanding of acquisition criteria by a test that requires them to explain and evaluate different factors that are considered when assessing the suitability of a potential acquisition target, such as strategic fit, financial performance, and regulatory compliance.

Exchange Ratio

Recruiters can assess a candidate's understanding of exchange ratios through a test that requires them to explain and evaluate different exchange ratio methods, such as fixed exchange ratio, variable exchange ratio, and cash and stock exchange ratio.

Understanding Corporate Restructuring

Recruiters can assess a candidate's understanding of corporate restructuring through a test that requires them to explain and evaluate different types of corporate restructurings, such as a merger, spin-off, and divestiture, and their impact on the company and its stakeholders.
Sample Question
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Question types :

Multiple Answer


Basic Understanding of Acquisition




Q 1. When one company takes over another entity and establishes itself as the new owner, the purchase is called an acquisition. An analyst is trying to evaluate the consequences of acquisition and comes up with the following points:

Statement 1: The target company ceases to exist.
Statement 2: Both companies' stocks are surrendered, and the new company stock is issued in its place.
Statement 3: The acquired firm does not change its legal name or structure but is now owned by the parent company.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

Statement 1
Statement 2
Statement 2 and 3
Statement 1 and 3
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