AI-powered digital skills assessment

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AI-powered digital skills assessment

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“Identifying the right candidate remotely took a lot of our time, considering how each seemed to have different levels of skills and expertise. iMocha helped us to transform our remote hiring strategy and cut down on our candidate filtration time by 40%, making it our preferred assessment software.”

Pedro Furtado

Capacity Manager, Altran

2000+ skills
World’s Largest Skills Library

2000+ skills including Digital Skills, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Application Development, Aptitude, Banking, & more

real-time with video interviews
Live Interviews

Assess functional and communication skills in real-time with video interviews and get to know your candidates before hiring

fastest custom skills assessment
Fastest Custom Assessments

Get the fastest custom skills assessment for your unique requirements by global Subject Matter Experts in less than 48 hours

remote assessments
AI-enabled Proctoring

Ensure 100% integrity of remote assessments with real-time image, audio, and video proctoring

competency repor
AI-powered Insights

Identify the right skills with actionable data points that provide an accurate skills competency report

Get 24*7 support
24*7 Dependable Support

Leverage the experience of our support team at every stage. Get 24*7 support via chat, email, and phone

What Our Customers Say

Gartner embraces automation with iMocha

Know how Gartner reduced time-to-fill ratio for a job position by almost 55% and hired 20 developers in 3 months.

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Fujitsu redefines their technical hiring strategy

Know how Fujitsu minimized 50% dependency on technical team and scaled up hiring.

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Capgemini's successful university recruitment

Know how Capgemini partnered with iMocha and shortlisted 20+ developers from leading universities.

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Single repository for all your recruitment data

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Make recruiting your competitive advantage using iMocha's 1-click integration

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Unlock the potential of the world’s largest skills assessment API platform and the leading ATS

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Reduce churn & improve hire quality with simulation-based skills assessment

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Futureproof your talent acquisition function with iMocha's ready integration

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Track & evaluate candidates faster using iMocha's seamless integration with Lever

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Find, assess, and hire the talent you need through best of the breed integration

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Latest & Quality Skills
Latest & Quality Skills

Valid & reliable processes to ensure quality, with hundred new questions added weekly

Question Repository
Own Question Repository

Adaptable skills assessment software that lets you add your own questions for unique needs

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Ensure workplace diversity with EEOC compliant & bias-free assessment questions

Security and ComplianceSecurity and Compliance

Privacy Shield

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