Enhance your University Recruitment process.

Assess job-readiness of recent grads
for entry-level positions with ease

Engage in a smooth University recruitment process.
University Recruitment challenges:
  • High volume of applications at campus fairs
  • Intense competition to hire best graduates
  • Limited recruiter knowledge of technical skills and Next-Gen skills
  • Employer Branding
  • Tight deadlines
  • Remote assessments capabilities
iMocha can help streamline your University Recruitment challenges by
  • job-readiness of recent graduates

    Assessing job-readiness of recent graduates

  • Quickly identifying top performers

    Quickly identifying top performers for interviews

  • automated evaluations

    Eliminating hiring bottlenecks with automated evaluations

  • network across all 50 states

    Leveraging our network across all 50 states

  • diversity in hiring

    Increasing diversity in hiring

  • company Career page

    Hiring directly from company Career page

Assessing job-readiness

Assessing job-readiness of recent graduates

Aptitude & Cognitive assessments help determine an individual's skill or ability, assess how they perform in an area in which they have no prior training or knowledge.

Leverage our library of more than 2000+ Aptitude questions to assess job-readiness of fresh graduates.

Quickly identifying top performers for interviews

Hire only the best talent by inviting them to take online assessments before the interview. Comparative reports help hiring managers to quickly identify top performers from the assessments.

Go a step further and dig into the finer nuances of test data to get more insights about the candidate’s individual strengths according to different sections.

Eliminate hiring
Quickly identifying top performers

Eliminate hiring bottlenecks with automated evaluations

Recruiters can create online tests and send the link to all the appearing graduates. The tests can be taken from the comforts of their homes and upon completion are auto evaluated. Thus, entirely eliminating the hiring bottlenecks.

Leverage our network across all 50 states

Leverage our partnership with Chegg and reach universities across all 50 states of the US. Chegg’s presence across all the states helps you to get to assess graduates without going through all the typical logistical hassles of university recruiting.

As you widen your reach, so do you increase the quality of your talent pool.

Increasing diversity
network across all 50 states

Increasing diversity in hiring

Remove all biases from the Recruitment process and ensure a diverse team is hired, courtesy of strict adherence to EEOC guidelines.

Masking feature allows you to hide key information of graduates during evaluations, thus enabling a fair assessment across all genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities.

Pre-qualify graduates from your careers page

Enable fresh graduates to apply directly from your Careers page. A quick and simple manner of integrating our platform with your ATS. A step further in ensuring graduates are able to remotely take your assessments with robust remote proctoring measures set in place.

Interview only the most relevant candidates and save a lot of your hiring manager’s time and efforts.


“iMocha played a pivotal role in improving the visibility of our brand during a recent career fair. Our pipeline was close to twice the size this time. Furthermore their analytics helped us quickly identify the top performers that we were looking out for.”

-One of the biggest IT services company in Cambridge, USA

Security and Compliance

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