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Worksoft Certify Test

Our Worksoft Certify online test helps recruiters and hiring managers hire job-fit automation testers in Worksoft. This pre-employment test contains questions on process editing, execution, certify impact, business process, and many more. This test helps recruiters reduce technical screening time by up to 80%.

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Worksoft Certify Online Test

Worksoft Certify Online Test is specifically designed and developed by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess Worksoft Certify testing skills of candidates - as per industry standards.Online Worksoft Certify test is used by recruiters and hiring managers to find the right fit candidate who is an expert in automation testing using the Worksoft automation tool.

Worksoft offers an essential automation path for business process testing and discovery to ensure companies are ready for business despite the unprecedented change. Companies use Worksoft Certify solutions to replace manual processes, shorten project timelines, innovate faster, reduce costs and improve business process quality for enterprise systems. It is also used to automate web-based applications without the help of any third-party tools.

Identify potential hires using the Worksoft Certify assessment test by evaluating the applicants' working skills and job readiness. Our intelligent reports will help you gauge the candidate's technical strengths to make the right hiring decisions.

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Test Summary

Worksoft Certify assessment test is designed considering EEOC guidelines. It will help you assess & hire diverse talent without any bias. Use our scientifically designed online Worksoft Certify skills test for candidate screening, or ask us for a customizable assessment with all your requirements.

Worksoft skill test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Descriptive, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, LogicBox (AI-based Pseudo-Coding Platform), Coding Simulations, True or False Questions, etc.

Useful for hiring
  • QA Specialist - Worksoft Certify
  • SAP Automation Tester - Worksoft Certify
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Topics Covered

Process Editing

Our Worksoft certify online test helps the recruiters and Hiring managers to evaluate the candidate&

Worksoft Certify

This test helps recruiters to assess the candidate’s knowledge about Worksoft automated software testing

Process Execution

This test helps recruiters to evaluate candidate’s knowledge of execution of a computational script, action or a process

Certify Impact

Our Worksoft certify skills test helps to assess the candidate’s proficiency in automated risk-based testing to execute end-to-end process tests

Business Process

This test helps recruiters to evaluate candidates' knowledge about audit documentation of critical business processes and project management

Certify Performance Test

This test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate the candidate's proficiency to accurately measure the impact on system performance and functionality with Certify Performance Test
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Multiple Answer
Topics covered


A narrative column of Worksoft certify tells to how it generates documentation and keeps them up to date with the business processes. Narrative column stores definitions for the screen. How are these definitions imported on the screen?

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.


  • By map made from the applications database to its own database.
  • By map made from dynamically interacting with objects on a screen.
  • By manually generating a map by providing a utility for every target application to do so.
  • By manually creating a map with Certify itself like in agile development scenario.
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